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The Poly EncorePro series of headsets offer business-grade solutions in multiple wearing styles for USB and Quick Disconnect (QD) configurations. Poly EncorePro headsets offer over the head with a single or dual speaker, over the ear and behind the neck wearing options.

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Poly EncorePro Headsets Backed by a Stellar Legacy

Poly EncorePro headsets are the product of a rich heritage. In the 1960s, the airline industry grappled with bulky and impractical headsets, leading two pilots to design a compact, hands-free solution. Their creation, akin to small hearing aid-style transducers on a headband, was approved by United Airlines, marking the birth of Plantronics in 1961. Within a few years, Plantronics dominated the headset market for American air traffic controllers and Bell Telephone operators, with models like Poly EncorePro HW710 symbolizing their enduring legacy.

Meanwhile, in 1961, NASA approached one of Plantronics’ founders to design a communication headset for the Mercury spacecraft. This collaboration birthed SPENCOMM, a division that crafted a specialized headset in just 11 days for Mercury-Atlas 8. These headsets subsequently supported the Apollo missions, including Neil Armstrong’s historic lunar landing. From its roots, Plantronics expanded into wireless technology in the 1980s and gaming in the 1990s, solidifying its position as a pioneering industry stalwart.

Since then, Plantronics purchased Polycom, and the combined company became Poly, which was acquired by HP in 2023.

A Wealth of Benefits in Every Poly EncorePro Headset

Also known as a Plantronics EncorePro headset, this product offers a multitude of benefits, particularly as a call center headset and for use in business offices. Poly EncorePro headsets are known for their robustness, audio quality and comfort, especially when used over long periods. Here are some key features and details about the EncorePro series:

Sound Quality

These headsets are designed to provide crystal clear audio, which is essential for contact center environments where clarity can significantly impact the quality of customer interactions.

Noise-Canceling Microphone

To minimize background noise and ensure clear voice transmission, many EncorePro models come equipped with noise-canceling microphones.


Poly EncorePro headsets are engineered with user comfort in mind. They feature adjustable bands, plush ear cushions and lightweight materials.


The EncorePro series is built to last. They’re manufactured to handle the rigors of daily use in busy call center environments.

Quick Disconnect (QD) Feature

This feature, available in some models, allows users to disconnect from their workstations without removing their headsets.

Wideband Audio

Many EncorePro models support wideband audio, enhancing the clarity of conversations.

Poly EncorePro Headsets Deliver Diversity

Poly EncorePro headsets stand out for their adaptability to individual user needs, ensuring that professionals across different sectors find a product that’s just right for them. Central to this versatility is the array of styles they offer. You can choose from behind-the-neck options as well as:


This style encompasses headsets with a band over the top of the user’s head. It’s ideal for those who prefer a secure fit, especially when moving around during calls. This design tends to distribute weight evenly, providing comfort for prolonged use.


These headsets clip onto or fit around the ear without any band across the head. They’re lightweight, perfect for users who prioritize minimalism or find headbands constraining. It’s a popular choice for those who intermittently wear their headsets throughout the day.

The series is available in two different versions:

Mono (single ear)

Mono headsets feature a single earpiece, allowing users to listen to their call in one ear while keeping the other ear free. This design benefits professionals who must be aware of their surroundings or interact face-to-face while wearing the headset.

Stereo (dual ear)

Stereo headsets, with earpieces for both ears, offer immersive sound experiences. They’re great for users in noisy environments or those who need heightened focus on their calls. By providing sound to both ears, they ensure a richer audio experience and offer better noise isolation.

The diversity in Poly EncorePro headsets recognizes that no two users are the same.

Poly EncorePro Headsets: A Business Essential

The modern business environment, characterized by bustling call centers and numerous professionals working from home, demands tools that boost productivity, ensure clarity and enhance comfort. Poly EncorePro headsets have been engineered with these exact needs in mind, making them ideal for call center staff and remote professionals. The EncorePro series empowers businesses to communicate more effectively, improve workflow and adapt to the evolving demands of modern workspaces. Whether in a bustling call center or a quiet home office, they are the ideal choice for professionals who won’t compromise on quality and efficiency.

Poly EncorePro Headsets Offer a Choice for Every Need

Whatever type of headset you require, there’s a Poly EncorePro series that’s right for you. Our comprehensive inventory of Poly EncorePro Headsets includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Poly EncorePro Headsets

As an industry leader, Headsets Direct is uniquely positioned to answer your questions about Poly EncorePro headsets. We have a wealth of information that we’re glad to share with our customers. Read on to learn more, and be sure to visit our FAQ page for additional details.

The Poly EncorePro HW540 has ear loop, neckband and headband options.

Poly EncorePro headsets use a USB audio processor to connect to computers or an audio processor or a direct connect cable to connect to phones.

The Poly EncorePro HW720 is binaural.

The Poly EncorePro 700 Series features a telescoping mic.

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