With numerous Speakerphones and Conference phones to choose from we put together the following table to help prioritize the features you need.

Jabra Speak 510 Speakerphone Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone above view Poly Sync 20 Speakerphone with USB dongle Poly Sync 40+ Wireless Speakerphone Poly Sync 60 Speakerphone Yealink CP900 Bluetooth Speakerphone
Manufacturer Jabra Jabra Jabra Jabra Poly Poly Poly Poly Poly Yealink Konftel Konftel
Model Speak 510 Speak
Speak 750 Speak
Sync 20 Sync 20+ Sync 40 Sync 40+ Sync 60 CP900 55 55Wx
Users/Room Size 4 6 6 15 13′ x 13′ 13′ x 13′ 16′ x 16′ 16′ x 16′ 19′ x 19′ 6 12 20
Connects to:
USB Cable
USB Dongle BT600
Sold Seperately
Mobile – 3.5mm Accessory Accessory
Bluetooth v3.0 v4.2 v4.2 v5.1 v5.1 v5.1 v5.1 v5.1
Deskphone Accessory Accessory
Connect 2 units
Audio Half
Full Duplex Full Duplex Full Duplex Full Duplex Full Duplex Full Duplex Full Duplex Full Duplex
Microphones 1 1 6 3 3 3 3 6 6
A2DP (streaming)
Microsoft Teams
Skype Compatible
Mic Pick Up 7.5 meters 7 feet 7 feet 8 feet 8 feet 9.8 feet 6.5 feet 323 ft2 323 ft2
Noise Canceling
Add-on Mic
Speaker Output 10 Watt 10 Watt
Charge/Power USB USB USB A/C Power USB USB USB USB A/C Power USB A/C Power A/C Power
Battery 15 hours 15 hours 11 hours N/A 20 hours 20 hours 30 hours 30 hours N/A 12 hours N/A
Warranty 2-year 2-year 2-year 2-year 2-year 2-year
Product Ordering 510 710 750 810 Sync 20 Sync 20+ Sync 40 Sync 40+ Sync 60 CP900 55 55Wx
Price $149.00  $299.00 $329.00  $599.00 $124.84 $146.88 $239.69 $279.39 $452.13 $174.99 $359.10 $539.10


* 10 foot cable with security loop (micro USB to USB-A) & 4 foot cable (micro USB to USB-A) included

** Hold Mute 4 Seconds



What does it all mean?  

We have provided in simple terms what the acronyms mean and how they benefit you.


Users/Room Size: Manufacturers will list how many participants a given device will support. May be listed in users or distance. Distance will be more accurate being conference tables come in many shapes and sizes which can skew how many users are within the microphones range.

Connects to: Speakerphones will have multiple options for connecting your main audio source, typically deskphone, PC, or mobile phones.

Audio: Full-duplex equipment will transmit your voice bi-directionally, meaning a more natural conversation. Half-duplex equipment will only transmit your voice one direction at a time. Half-duplex can be described as when you have calls, users are constantly cutting each other off and you must wait for the other party to stop talking before you start again.

Microphones: The more microphones the device has, the better the quality and pickup will be.

A2DP: Stands for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile and simply means if a device supports A2DP, you will be able to stream high quality music to your device.

Microsoft Teams: This is a standalone platform to help users collaborate and work together as if all working within the same room. You can text, have voice calls, and video meetings. Headsets that are made for Microsoft Teams will have a button to engage specific actions, like popping the Teams App to the forefront of your screen. Microsoft Teams headsets will also auto configure within Teams to be your default audio device.

Skype Compatible: Microsoft Skype certified/compatible devices would auto configure as your default audio source within Skype. They will not have any other external differences or buttons added when compared to the standard models.

Mic Pick Up: The distance from the device the microphone(s) will comfortably pickup your voice for clear audio calls.

Speaker Output: Speaker wattage to give users an idea of how much power/loudness can be delivered within your area.

NoiseBlock: Will eliminate non-speech background noise to greatly improve the audio quality you transmit.

Charge/Power: What connection type your device will use for use/charging.

Battery: The amount of hours of typical use once the battery has been fully charged. Turning the device off when not in use will preserve battery time.