Speakerphones for Conference Calls

Are you in need of high quality, great sounding speakerphones? We’ve got you covered. With numerous options from the leading brands with Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom), Jabra, and Konftel, while offering a wide range of features and noise canceling capabilities. All optimized for your specific meeting size.

Do you find yourself using the speakerphone button on your mobile phone regularly? If so, it’s time to consider a personal speakerphone to greatly improve your experience with audio that’s crystal clear and easily connects or pairs to most Bluetooth devices.

Huddle room conference calls are becoming the norm in businesses with two to two thousand employees. With multiple solutions to meet any meeting size, you will greatly improve your office conference speaker experience with calls that are easy to initiate and sounds great for the duration of the call. With background noise canceling available in many models, your caller will appreciate hearing the intended audience and not the busy background noise of your office.

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If you are working from home, office or a hybrid environment, you're always on the lookout for technology that will perfect the ease and quality of your communications with customers and co-works while keeping everything user friendly for you. Planning and evaluating your goals will lead you to achieving the perfect solution and a price point to fit your budget.  That is where Headsets Direct comes into play. We can help you find the best work from anywhere speakerphone for your ever changing environments. We will lead you down the right path to make sure your communication needs are being met.

Many businesses are redesigning the work environment to have an open concept which encourages the freedom to roam and collaborate with other staff members. You're no longer confined to rows of cubicles but in doing so, you've increased the amount of sound that easily travels throughout the office. With cubicles, you could speakerphone most calls and your audio was confined within your cubical. With an open office, you will need to update your conferencing audio equipment with solutions that transmits only you or your team on the call and block out the background noise. With our latest phone conferencing speakers, the technology will adapt to your surroundings, allowing you to focus on your call and not worry about extra background noise being transmitted to your caller.

Speakerphone Connection Types

Not all speakerphones are alike, they come in different shapes and sizes, with Bluetooth and USB connections, so choosing the right one and having a top-notch conference speakerphone in your home office environment is a smart tool. Bluetooth speakerphones will aid you with your productivity and keep you task-focused while helping with time management. Being able to clearly hear and be an active part of your meetings will cut down on back-and-forth calls. Eliminate wasted time from chasing down information when everyone involved is on the same call. You also have the added convenience of taking that call anywhere, if you choose a compact, portable speakerphone. Your speakerphone is an important part of you staying connected and up to date with your management team, co-workers and clients via your deskphone, IP phone, smartphone or PC.

We know how imperative it is that you have the tools in your work environment that benefit you to perform and sound as professional as possible. We have always shared great insight to help customers pick the best speakerphone for their needs to improve their overall work from anywhere experience. Whatever your meeting format, we will have an option to suit your needs. You can also rest easy knowing your speakerphone will be compatible with all the leading UC Platforms.

A major consideration when deciding on a speakerphone is deciding what it will be used for. Are you wanting a conference speakerphone for your office environment only, or would you like the flexibility of also having your speakerphone to stream music at the end of your day to leisurely unwind? The immersive sound these speakerphones bring is impressive.

We have Bluetooth speakerphones that will connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone and be able to connect to your laptop or PC wirelessly via the USB-A or USB-C Dongles. That is a great convenience! Any of these models will be an excellent addition to your professional communication driven work environment. Please give us a call and we will be happy to go over these options with you.