Teams Deskphones

Many companies have moved to the Microsoft Teams platform or plan to do so soon and are now searching for the best deskphones for Microsoft Teams.

Finding a Teams certified telephone or one that is also known to be Native Teams allows users to easily login with their username and password into a physical phone; and immediately have all the same access to their contacts, calls, and meetings as you would have on a computer or laptop.

This becomes a huge advantage for users to easily collaborate with team members and have everything at their fingertips on their deskphone as another means to connect and monitor Teams collaboration.

Most phones will have a dedicated Teams button so you can easily pull up on your contacts and collaborate with co-workers as needed.

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When researching for the best deskphones for Microsoft Teams you will need to consider budget, ease of use and screen size.

The budget for deskphones that are native Microsoft Teams will come with a wide range of options. Entry-level models will be more basic and offer less noise canceling capabilities when using the speakerphone.

You will also be limited to wired connections to your network (versus wi-fi), and adding peripheral devices like headsets will be slightly restrained.

Microsoft teams certified deskphones will come in a variety of screen sizes which makes a huge difference in ease of use for Teams.

The larger the screen, the more information can easily be read on the screen. This includes additional soft keys for making choices and touchscreen spacing.

You will also be able to see the 'presence' or who’s available at any given time with more contacts visible on the screen. You also have multiple screens to scroll through to easily find the contact you need.

When deciding between the best deskphones for Microsoft Teams, you also need to consider how the phones will be powered. If you’re working in the office, most network switches will provide power to the phone when you connect via Ethernet/RJ45 cabling.

This is known as PoE or Power over Ethernet. Smaller locations or users working from home will typically need an external power supply that plugs into a standard A/C outlet.

Key Features Supported by Many Microsoft Teams Desk Phones

Microsoft Teams-certified desk phones will have a variety of built in features to help users with everyday tasks. A few Teams-certified desk phones features include:

  • Authentication- Allows users to sign into a desk phone with their username and password.

  • Speed dial / call history- Users have access to their contacts, call history, voicemail and speed dial entries.

  • Meetings / Schedules- Users can view their schedules and join meetings using Teams' one-touch join.

  • Call groups- You can easily manage call groups regarding availability and accept/decline inbound calls from the call group.

  • Manage Executives Phones -Executive assistants/admins are able to manage their executives' phones. They can intercept incoming calls; make calls on behalf of the executive; take over calls that are on hold; and monitor whether the executive is on a call or on hold.

  • Hot desking- Users can access their contacts and meetings by signing into a phone.

  • Video Option - Phones with video allow users to join calls via video conference, as if they were on their PC.