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Poly Blackwire headsets offer business-grade solutions in multiple wearing styles and noise-canceling options. The Poly Blackwire series of USB headsets have an over-the-head design with a single or dual speaker and noise-canceling microphone. Connectivity includes USB-A, USB-C and 3.5mm. A few models include active noise canceling (ANC) to help users hear better in louder environments and an acoustic fence to further block out noise for your microphones. They’re all part of our outstanding lineup of Poly headsets.

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Poly Blackwire Headsets Backed by a Rich History

The tale of Poly Blackwire headsets begins with Plantronics, a company that emerged in the early 1960s as a response to the bulky airline headsets of the time. The jet age demanded a transition to more compact, lightweight headsets, and Plantronics was there to answer the call​​. Fast forward to 2018, when Plantronics merged with Polycom, marking the inception of Poly. This merger united two of the original Silicon Valley pioneers in headset and video conferencing technology. HP purchased the company in 2023, continuing its storied legacy of outstanding performance and value.

Poly Blackwire Headsets Offer a World of Features

Poly Blackwire headsets have all the features you want in a device you depend on every day:

  • Over-the-head construction, providing an adjustable, easy-wear solution for daily use
  • Cushioned ear covers for long-lasting comfort
  • Single or dual speaker, delivering clear communication
  • Noise-canceling microphone, ensuring not a single word is lost
  • Inline controls on the cable for a fast response
  • Standard connectivity, including USB-A, USB-C and 3.5mm

Some models offer enhanced features like dynamic EQ for optimizing voice quality, making them ideal for a range of audio interactions, including music and multimedia.

Poly Blackwire: Where Excellence Meets Efficiency

Also known as Plantronics Blackwire, the Poly Blackwire series is engineered to simplify work while enhancing productivity. Here’s a glance at what makes a Poly Blackwire headset a preferred choice:

Ease of Use

Designed for plug-and-play functionality, these headsets seamlessly integrate with various devices through standard USB and 3.5mm connectivity options, easing company-wide deployment​.

Sound Quality

Boasting outstanding sound, these headsets ensure every conversation is clear. Certain models come with advanced acoustic fence technology and noise-cancellation features, guaranteeing distractions stay at bay​.


With adjustable headbands, pivoting speakers and cushioned ear covers, Poly Blackwire headsets are built for all-day comfort​​.


A Plantronics Blackwire headset is not only lightweight but also robust, promising a lasting solution for daily communication needs​​.


Blackwire headsets are compatible with numerous devices, making them an excellent choice for professionals across various industries​​.

Aesthetic Appeal

The sleek design, coupled with exceptional sound and comfort, makes these headsets not only functional but also stylish​.

Plantronics (Poly) Blackwire Headsets for Every Use

Plantronics (Poly) Blackwire headsets are the ideal blend of historical excellence and modern innovation. They’re a testament to Poly’s commitment to creating beautifully designed, high-performance audio products that meet the demands of today’s professional environments.

Whether you want the Blackwire 3200, 3300 or 5200 series, you can find a Poly Blackwire headset perfect for your needs in our outstanding lineup:

We also offer these headsets under the Plantronics name:

Plus, we have the Poly Blackwire 8225.

Why Choose Headsets Direct for Your Poly Blackwire Headsets

Founded in 1996, Headsets Direct is the preferred choice for Poly Blackwire headsets. The superior product knowledge and excellent customer service we provide set us apart from other suppliers. Our Plantronics Certified headset experts will ensure you get the right device for your specific needs. We’re proud of our status as a Poly Authorized Dealer — our direct relationship with the manufacturer delivers significant benefits for our customers. You can trust Headsets Direct for all your Poly Blackwire needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Poly Blackwire Headsets

Headsets Direct is a leading supplier of Poly Blackwire headsets and is well-suited to answer your questions. Read the following for the answers you want, and feel free to contact us for additional details.

Poly Blackwire is an outstanding line of wired headsets that deliver high audio quality, comfort, durability and convenience.

Poly Blackwire headsets offer outstanding noise-canceling capabilities.

Noise-canceling microphones block most of the background noise from interfering with your call, while the voice tube provides no noise canceling.

Order Poly Blackwire Headsets from Headsets Direct

With Headsets Direct, you get the experience, expertise and customer service you expect from an industry leader. We back all our Poly Blackwire headsets with our outstanding knowledge base. You can count on the durability and comfort of our Poly Blackwire lines.

Don’t hesitate — purchase your Plantronics (Poly) Blackwire headsets today and take advantage of everything we offer.

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