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HW510 Monaural Wired Headset (Poly 89433-01 or HP 783Q1AA#ABA)

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What To Consider

Poly (Formerly Plantronics) EncorePro HW510 Monaural Corded Headset – Poly 89433-01 or HP 783Q1AA#ABA

When considering call center headsets, the Poly EncorePro HW510 headset part # Poly 89433-01 or HP 783Q1AA#ABAshould be one of your top choices. With a full-size ear speaker/ear cushion, you create an excellent barrier that separates background noise from the voice of your caller.

The more accurately you hear, the less time is needed to repeat facts, and information won’t be taken down incorrectly.

How frustrating it is when sales agents take orders and have the wrong address or model numbers entered into the system. Immediately the confidence of the customer is affected when the delivery is delayed or when the box is opened to find the wrong item inside.

From that point on the customer is thinking if they can’t get the first order right, why should I continue to do business with them to only be frustrated again.

Poly EncorePro HW500 Series Wired Headset

In a busy call center, the Poly EncorePro HW510 headset will help your agents hear your callers as clearly as possible. With a noise-canceling microphone, you will also find your callers hear your agents better, because the mic cuts down on the background noise.

The more your caller and agent can focus on each other with fewer background distractions, the more accurate information will be exchanged, and a more fluid call will result.

With call center headsets, you also want a durable headset that is made to last through 24/7 use and abuse. The Poly HW510 headset has laser-welded construction and is backed by a 2-year warranty to ensure you get the most out of your headset investment.

By replacing the ear cushion on occasion, your contact center agents will feel like their headset is new again with years of anticipated use ahead. By selecting the Poly EncorePro HW510 headset, your agents can keep one ear open to their co-workers or managers. This is beneficial for agents so they can easily communicate with others when they need to ask questions or keep in contact with coworkers.

Poly EncorePro 510 Features & Benefits:

With high-quality contact center headsets, agents will want to leave their headsets on during their shift, so finding a comfortable well-fitting headset is crucial. With the HW510, you have a soft foam cushion and an adjustable headset ensuring a perfect fit for all-day comfort.

To maximize the headset investment in your call center, the Poly HW510 headset needs to be at the top of your list when considering business-grade headsets.

  • Over-the-Head (Monaural) design weighing 52 grams
  • Next-generation, noise-canceling microphone
  • Designed with quality and comfort as focal points
  • Flexible boom with tactile positioning guides for optimal voice clarity
  • Quick-Disconnect Cord allows you to walk away from your desk
  • Soft foam ear cushions provide all-day comfort
  • Laser welded construction for unbeatable toughness

• FREE clothing clip included for better cord management
• FREE technical support with purchase

• Need help?  Call us and talk to a Real Person!

Appreciate unbeatable toughness with the Poly HW510 EncorePro:

     + Laser-welded construction and metal joints
     + Wideband audio for superior audio quality
     + Precise microphone positioning


Completely re-imagined for the demands of the modern customer service center and office, the Poly HW510 EncorePro has soft ear cushions for all-day wearing comfort, an adjustable headband, and clothing clip for cord management to remove any tugging or pulling.


Headset Speaker HousingGREAT SOUNDING AUDIO

With many phones raising the standard in audio quality, wideband audio delivers a richer, clearer conversation and reduces listening fatigue.  The Poly HW510 EncorePro also includes SoundGuard technology that protects users from noise spikes and meets OSHA/Noise at Work standards.


Headset Noise-canceling MicrophoneFLEXIBLE MICROPHONE

The Poly HW510 flexible microphone is noise canceling to cut down on back ground noise around you, ensuring your caller will hear you comfortably above any other background noise.

With visual and tactile positioning guides, you will be confident that your headset microphone is positioned perfectly for each call.



The Poly HW510 wired headset uses laser-welded construction, and its metal joints are engineered to provide reliability where it matters.  Investing in the EncorePro 510 will provide years of hands-free communication and a most productive work environment.



Headsets Direct - Headsets 101 GuideNOT SURE WHERE TO START?

Check out our popular Headsets 101 – Ultimate Guide to Understanding Headsets which is constantly being updated to keep you informed on using the Poly HW510 EncorePro headset and any other Poly or Plantronics headset in which you’re interested.

With numerous pictures and detailed headset information, you will fully understand what connects where and what’s needed for any application you may have.


Poly Headset Benefits:

  • Connects to PC or desk phone with Poly audio processors.
  • Ideal for telephone-intensive users, including customer care centers, help desks, telesales, and customer service organizations.
  • Hearing protection SoundGuard technology:  Acoustic limiting for protection against sounds above 118 dBA.
  • Audio performance Wideband audio (up to 6,800 Hz), noise-canceling microphone.
  • Quick Disconnect™ feature lets you walk away from your phone while still wearing your HW510 headset.
  • Adjustable clothing clip for cord management which removes weight and pulling from bottom cord.
  • Warranty: 2-Years for Unsurpassed Durability
  • Operating Frequency: High-Frequency Wideband
  • Headset Weight: 52 Grams
  • Compatibility: Poly Amplifier, Adapter Audio Processor or Direct Connect Cable
  • Wearing Style: Monaural / Single Ear
  • SKU: Poly 89433-01 | HP 783Q1AA#ABA
  • UPC: Poly 017229144699 | HP 197029632784
  • Formerly: Plantronics H51N & Plantronics HW251N

Poly EncorePro HW510 Headset Insider Info:


When installing the Poly EncorePro HW510, the first task is to properly fit it to your head. Position the headband over your head with the ear cushion against your ear.

The opposite side of the headband is called the T-bar, or temple pad. This should be positioned above your other ear and may require adjusting the headband by sliding it in to make it smaller or out to make it larger.

The microphone needs to be ¼ of an inch (the width of your finger) away from the corner of your mouth. You can rotate the mic boom up and down for perfect positioning. At the end of the headset cable you will find a connection called the Quick Disconnect.

You will have a matching connection in which to plug the cable, located on your amplifier or cable, depending on compatibility and your application. Make a test call to ensure the unit is working properly.

Also, many users disregard using the clothing clip, when in actuality it plays an important role in making the headset appear very light weight. By clipping it on or near your shirt collar, the weight of the lower portion of the cord stops at the clothing clip. You will never feel pulling on the headset or the need to re-position it as you reach and stretch the lower cord.


When storing, it’s best to place the headset over a hook so it’s not just setting on your desk, and this also keeps the cord hanging freely. If left on your desk, the cleaning crew can easily bump it and knock it to the floor, where the cord can find its way into the vacuum.

You also want to let the cord hang free and avoid tightly wrapping it, which over time will damage the internal wires.

We developed a headset hanger to affix to your monitor in an effort to keep your headset safe and out of harms way. To view click HDI Headset Hanger.


When cleaning, always use non-alcohol chemicals or wipes. Using alcohol-based products over time will break down the cords making them very stiff and clumsy to use.

You will want to wipe all plastic components and cables, but avoid saturating any openings where electronic components are in close proximity.  This will include the small holes in the speaker casing and at the end of the mic boom where the microphone is located.

The Poly HW510 comes with foam cushions, which can be replaced as needed. When cleaning your Poly EncorePro HW510 headset, also avoid sticking anything into the end of the Quick-Disconnect connection where the four metal contacts are located. This connection is made to last, and more damage than good will come if you try to clean it.


If you’re wanting to purchase a Poly or Plantronics headset, this headset is made for a business professional or call center looking for the best possible quality in a corded headset. With one ear covered and the other open, the headset keeps you in tune with what’s going on around you and makes it easy to converse with others.

The noise canceling microphone will cut down on background noise, making a great headset for louder environments.

Additional information for the Poly EncorePro HW510 Headset

Headset Weight

52 grams


Poly 89433-01, HP 783Q1AA#ABA




Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items





Headset Type


Connects To

Quick Disconnect (QD)

Wearing Style

Headband – Single Ear

38 reviews for Poly EncorePro HW510 Headset | Poly 89433-01 or HP 783Q1AA#ABA

  1. Ajay G

    Excellent customer service. I got a call to confirm we had placed the right order, and the order was corrected so that it was compatible with our new system, not the old one. A call that lasted less than 5 minutes saved us a lot of back and forth, and also ended up being less expensive. This the reason we have been buying from Headset Direct for years and will continue to so.

  2. Elias T (verified owner)

    Received my headsets a little earlier than expected. Very happy, specially during this time when everyone is having issues with things being in back order. Someone reached out to me and has kept me in the loop since I placed my order. This makes the experience excellent!

  3. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Headsets Direct has excellent customer service! I had an incorrect pairing on my order and got a phone call from the account manager to make sure I had ordered correctly. I had not; she helped me make the correction and saved the day1

  4. RAG (verified owner)

    Quality is great, wished I had gone with wireless option

  5. Jaleza

    Works Great! Fast shipping, Exactly what I was looking for.

  6. Rebekah S

    Easy shopping, fast shipping, and great customer service.

  7. Marc J (verified owner)

    Excellent product and the technical support from Headsets Direct was nothing short of outstanding!

  8. Tim (verified owner)

    Solid product and sales support was excellent. I needed a solution for a very old Avaya phone and when calling I was assisted by first understanding what I needed and then presented with options. The experience was seamless and I would recommend Headsets Direct.

  9. Patti

    Excellent headset in every way! I spoke with Lisa at Headsets Direct before ordering to get advice on what would best meet my needs. She was VERY helpful and I’m so happy with this headset. I can hear great, even if there’s noise around me. I can actually hear much better with this headset than any others (one of them far more expensive) that I’ve used in the past. Occasionally I ask a caller if they can hear me ok and they always say it’s very clear and the volume is perfect on their end. Structurally, this headset is really made well. It’s sturdy (I know that no little parts are going to break) without being heavy or clunky and it’s very comfortable. I hardly notice I have it on. Thank you!!

  10. NWPa

    Dependable, comfortable, excellent sound quality. We have been using these throughout our sales team for several years and like them a lot.

  11. NWPa

    Our Headset of Choice. Good sound quality, dependable…been using in our call center for years.

  12. Boston User (verified owner)

    Wonderful for ease of ordering and speed of delivery

  13. KJ (verified owner)

    Thank you for working with me after I ordered the wrong part. When I explained that I ordered only after being advised by your representative, you were quick to correct and send me the correct one that works with this headset and our Toshiba phones. I appreciated that you sent me a prepaid label to return UPS!

  14. Palo (verified owner)

    We have been using headsets like these for over a year and they have performed beautifully.- we added people so we ordered more. They arrived the next day!

  15. Rick

    This new one works GREAT, installed EASY and SUPERB service.

  16. bev

    love it

  17. PChilton

    An excellent product and the personal time and care the company takes is outstanding.

  18. Medical Office User

    The Encore Pro headsets along with the direct cables have been a great asset to the girls in our office who are on the phone for about 7 hours a day. The ease of use & comfort are much appreciated. We love the product & will buy more as needed.

  19. Chevy Dealer

    The reps are really enjoying the headsets. It’s a welcome change of pace for them to not have to always use the handsets. Now they have a choice. Although, the headsets are used 95% of the time. It’s just nice to have a choice. 🙂

  20. John B.

    Great Headset for a salesman who is on the phone most of the day. I called Headsets Direct to confirm what I needed. They are an honest company. They told me what products I needed to accomplish my objective and didn’t try to sell me something that wasn’t needed. I definitely will buy from them again.

  21. Jeff

    We needed this product to solve an issue we were having with compatibility. This product was the exact solution we needed. Quality is top notch.

  22. JP

    We have used them all over the years. Some bad, some good. The new Plantronics EncorePro HW510 Headset is a nice improvement on a very good Plantronics Supra head set. We are going to standardize on this headset for all of our operators. With the addition of the new USB adapter, this will carry us into the future with our soft agents changes that are coming.

  23. Laura

    Fast and friendly user website. Shipped right away

  24. CC

    Much improved from prior model. Works great Very quick delivery

  25. Dave

    I use this headset with my Blackberry Classic. This is the clearest headset I have ever used. People have no idea I am speaking on a cell phone. It is very comfortable.

    I wear hearing aids, so I cannot use a Bluetooth headset. I have tried many different wired headsets to use with my Blackberry; all of the others either had a very “hollow” or “tinny” sound for both me and people on the other end (I often got the comment that “you can tell you are on a cell phone”). The Plantronics HW 510 solved all of that. It is very clear; does not cause feedback to others (especially on a conference call). The sound quality is great.

    While it may be more expensive, it is certainly worth the difference.

    I also have the 3.5mm SmartPhone cable; the combination works perfectly.

  26. AccountsPro

    The headset serves its purpose. Its just a bit flimsy. The ear cushion keeps coming off. Over all, pretty solid product.

  27. Eric

    We recently had to purchase this since it’s predecessor HW250 and HW260 were discontinued. The sound Quality is great, but we have 110 agents. We bought them to replace wireless headsets. Since I bought 125 of them 1 year ago I have already replaced 22 of them, all because of the same issue. The plastic guide comes apart at the point were the metal band inserts. It is very disappointing.

  28. edwithasled

    I am using the unit with an M22 Vista amp, and the combination works just the way it should. The headset is comfortable and works.

  29. Bob

    As always the Plantronics EncorePro HW510 work perfectly for what we use them for.
    I have ordered from Headsets Direct for at least the past 8 years, We are a marketing
    office, and I need to keep a supply of spare headsets around
    for emergency replacements due to breakage and user damage.
    Headsets Direct have always been fast and accurate in filling our orders,
    I just wish my sales team were a little easier on the equipment.

  30. KT

    The headset works great! Exactly what I was looking for. If you simply need a basic headset, and don’t want to pay a ton for extra features, this is the headset for you. Sometimes a little quiet, but that seems mostly to do with the other end.

  31. Connie

    Very pleased. Will purchase more products.

  32. Boston User

    This headset has made my life so much easier. When I hold I can do other things with both hands and when working with my IT folks I can do the things they are suggesting. I wish I’d thought of this before. PS I’m a residential user.

  33. headset for office phone

    glad we bought it. very pleased

  34. CHATTY17

    Excellent product & fast shipping!! Nice company to deal with.

  35. Brian

    I have been working with these headset for over 15 years. I love the comfort and durability of these new untis.

  36. Dan

    nice people to deal with….friendly customer service. Plantronics headset works great…no problems.

  37. Becky

    Great product, always great service!

  38. Scott

    Can’t get rid of the echo-y sound of my own voice

    TECH TIP: All high quality headsets have side-tone, which is when you hear a little of your voice back through the speakers. This is done for a more natural sound. If you’re using an M22 amplifier, you can turn the microphone volume down to adjust how much side-tone you hear.

    TECH TIP: You may also have the incorrect bottom cable for your specific phone. Consult our compatibility guides to find the cable with audio settings specifically for your phone.

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