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Wired Headsets: How Do They Work?

Poly HW500 Series of Wired Headsets

What does it take to win with people? Generally, good conversations are the foundation of good relationships. This mantra best applies when you are engaged in a call. Because you cannot see the person on the other side, impressing good sound quality is a must. In today’s world of Zoom meetings and web conference calls, headsets with good audio quality have become a vital part of every online meeting.

While the market can always give you a variety of good quality headsets with noise cancellation features made by well-known manufacturers like Plantronics and Jabra, you should always narrow your choices based on your needs.

Headsets versus Headphones

Do not get confused – headsets and headphones are entirely two different things. There is a multitude of people who still get twisted and clouded over their difference. The best way to differentiate them is to understand their functionality and purpose.

You use headphones primarily to listen to music. Headsets, on the other hand, are used more as an enhancement for listening and communicating. And because they are hands-free, headsets give you the ability to communicate even if you are driving a car or eating breakfast.

That said, the significant and probably the most consistent difference between a headset and a headphone is the attached microphone. While headsets may cost more than headsets, the benefits far outweigh prices.


Wired versus Wireless

There is an ongoing debate between wireless headsets and wired USB headsets – and it may not end soon. It can be tricky to choose the better product but it is crucial to know your options over preference so you can arrive at an informed decision.

Poly Wireless Bluetooth Headset


1. Better Audio Quality

While the market today provides a plethora of high-quality products on wireless and corded USB headsets, it always boils down to better sound quality. Wired headsets almost always provide better audio because they use analog signals, which can handle more data (or more commonly known as bandwidth) as compared to their wireless counterpart. Simply put, the higher the bandwidth, the clearer the sound.

With analog, you get unlimited bandwidth, which means you can extend your resolutions without compromising sound quality. On the other hand, digital signals are limited and have fixed bandwidth.

In terms of noise cancellation, a wireless headset is a better alternative. That is because digital sounds have a greater signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). SNR compares the level of background noise and desired signal. So, a greater SNR ratio signifies more signal than ambient noise from your office environment.


2. Power Source

While fully charged wireless headsets can provide long periods of talk time, they are limited by their power source, which means that they are highly dependent on battery life. With wired headsets, you do not need batteries or chargers, thus, giving corded headsets unlimited playtime compared to other headsets.


3. Ease Of Use

Wired headsets are easy to use with most having a plug-and-play setup. You simply plug your headset into a USB port on your laptop or desktop computer and you are ready to use it.

Wireless headsets need time to pair with your device before you can use it. It is prone to interference, connectivity, and pairing issues.


Choosing The Best Corded Headset

Now that you know the basic concept of headsets, it is equally important to know the available options you have when choosing the best headset for your phone calls.

Wearing Style

Generally, corded headsets should give you the kind of functionality you need in managing calls and at the same time comfort and style. Plantronics continues to be the leader in the headset industry providing multiple wearing styles to suit your needs.

  • Single Ear
    When you want a more secure fit and at the same time a more comfortable way of handling all-day meetings and calls, single-ear headsets should be your go-to corded headset.
  • Dual Ear
    For the best audio possible, this headset lets you focus more on your calls and meetings with both ears covered. Hence, you get less distraction in loud environment.
  • Over the ear or behind the ear
    If you want a smaller, lighter-weight headset, this option can give you the comfort you need giving you more room for movements while taking calls. In most cases, audio quality is acceptable.


Noise Canceling

You should never sacrifice sound quality when it comes to meetings and calls. Studies over the years have shown the thin line between background noise and processing messages.

Hence, the need for high-quality audio with better noise-canceling technology is crucial in every aspect of online conversations. That said, choosing wired headsets with noise-canceling technology gives you a better web conferencing experience.

High-grade cable-connected headsets use noise-canceling microphones that enable you to send your messages with a clearer voice, making your voice calls natural and more professional. This, in turn, maintains a level of trust and confidence with your audience. When people understand you better, they will like you and will recognize you as a more trustworthy resource. The quality of your audio is the benchmark of how people judge your content or message.



When choosing a wired headset, you need to understand your purpose for using it. Whether it is for home or business use, a Plantronics USB headset, with signature audio quality, provides a variety of options to choose from.


Wired Headsets for Call Centers

Choosing headsets for your office phone or call centers can be a daunting task. Plantronics makes it easier for you so you can focus more on your business. Your budget should never come in between. With wired Plantronics headsets, you can simply get more done without a hole in your pocket.


Wired Headsets for Home Use

Plantronics headsets have always been the leader in providing quality headsets for call centers. Nowadays, as more and more users are working from home, the need for the same high-grade sound quality has set a new standard for call management at home. Corded headsets for home use provide the same business-level functionality and comfort that you get in a typical call center setup.

Whether you’re in search of the best quality wired headset for work or play, you will find wired Plantronics headsets has the most advanced sound equipment and products that suit your preference and professional requirement.


Wired Headsets for Computer (Microsoft Teams)

VoIP softphones, Skype calls, video calls – all of these are undoubtedly demanding more quality sounds when using your computers. Plantronics wired headsets give you more improved audio quality and at the same time comfort when listening from your PC.

With the plug-and-play USB features of Plantronics corded headsets, you enjoy the seamless experience of listening to music, watching movies, and videos while maintaining the business standard of managing calls and web conferencing over Skype, Zoom, or VoIP softphones.


Wired Headsets for Mobile Phone

For people who are always on the go, wired headsets for mobile phones are a must. With the advent of mobile device technology, our business tools have expanded – from the typical office setup to a more flexible way of handling businesses even when you are on the road. Plantronics wired headset for mobile devices lets you enjoy the comfort of hands-free communication even when driving or when you are on the road at the same time maintaining productivity as if you are on your desk.


Plantronics: Your Best Choice for Wired Headsets

With Plantronics as your headset of choice when it comes to wired, business-grade sound technology, you can trust Headsets Direct with all your corded headset needs. We are the authorized dealer for Plantronics equipment and products, giving you the same support that we have been providing since 1996.Plantronics Corded Headset

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