Whether your current work setting is on-site, remote or hybrid, conference calls are fundamental for effective collaboration. However, poor video conferencing accessories can hinder the productivity of such meetings or your business’s overall success.

Common problems you can face with poor video conferencing equipment are low video quality, poor detection of speaker, microphone issues, and lack of a background noise filter. As such, it’s crucial to find a reliable equipment vendor like Headsets Direct.

Headsets Direct is a direct supplier of premium video conferencing accessories, from webcams, video bars and conference or speakerphones. Our team guarantees to take care of your needs before and after the sale with comprehensive customer support and full manufacturer warranty coverage.

With our video conferencing accessories, your calls would be as clear as in-person meetings. For a quick comparison of select models, you can view our Speakerphone/Conference Phone Comparison Guide.

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When determining your conference equipment needs, you need to consider the number of users, room size and connectivity. Other specific features you may want to consider include certifications for Zoom and compatibility with applications such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco, BlueJeans, Google Meet, Fuze, GoToMeeting, RingCentral and many more.

Audio and video conference calls extend to quick phone conversations we take on our mobile devices, and our colleague sitting next to us has to join in through the speakerphone. In such cases, sound quality can be a problem. So don’t stall on getting the proper video conferencing equipment you need to avoid conference hiccups and start amplifying your business’s productivity.

When you are equipped with complete video conferencing accessories, the participants will be able to hear and see clearly, satisfying the purpose of conference calls.

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