Poly EncorePro HW720 Headset

(Quick Disconnect)
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HW720 Corded Headset (Poly 78714-101 or HP 805H6AA#ABA)

  • Premium business grade series weighing only 78 grams
  • Noise-canceling mic for average to loud environments
  • Exceptional sound with leatherette ear cushions
  • Quick-Disconnect lets you unplug and walk away
  • Support Sold Separately – See Below
  • Remember…an amplifier or direct connect cable is required
  • Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items
  • Warranty 2-Years
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Poly (Formerly Plantronics) EncorePro HW720 Headset – Poly 78714-101 or HP 805H6AA#ABA

Look no further than the Poly EncorePro HW720 wired headset part # Poly 78714-101 or HP 805H6AA#ABA. With leatherette ear cushions providing you desire all-day wearing comfort and a telescoping noise-canceling microphone for optimal voice quality.

The dual-ear version allows you to completely focus on your callers, blocking outside distractions such as coworkers talking near you.

The noise-canceling microphone will reduce background noise, making it easier for your caller to hear your voice.  Less information is misunderstood or a need to repeat important details like address and credit card information. This allows conversations to flow smoothly.

With wideband audio, you will take advantage of the latest in audio quality when paired with wideband telephones. This makes your conversations crisp and clear like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Poly EncorePro HW720 Headset In Office Use

The headset ends in Poly’s patented quick-disconnect connection.  This connection is what makes every H-series headset universally compatible for almost any application.

All you need is to determine the compatible amplifier or direct connect cable required for your device. Then, simply plug them together and start communicating.  Common devices include multi-line business phones, computers, and PC’s using soundboard and USB connections, or even tablets and smart phone.

The possibilities are unlimited for hands-free communications!

  • Truly the “Best of the Best” in commercial grade wired headsets
  • Covering both ears keeps you focused on your caller
  • Freeing your hands for typing and writing increases productivity
  • Luxurious comfort means you’ll forget you’re wearing the HW720
  • Superior audio quality helps in never asking to repeat information
  • Quick-Disconnect cord allows you to easily walk away from your desk
  • Ultra light-weight design using premium nylon composite materials
  • Plush leatherette ear pads provide all-day comfort with the HW720
  • Reinforced, lightweight headband provides strength and durability
  • Extendable microphone ensures precise positioning

• FREE clothing clip included for better cord management
• FREE protective carrying case included
• FREE technical support with purchase

• Need help?  Call us and talk to a Real Person!

Unprecedented comfort and clarity meets sleek design with the HW720 EncorePro:

+ Premium materials
+ Sound isolating
+ Extendable microphone


Plush ear cushions and premium lightweight materials provide hours of comfortable wear.

Never before has a headset fit so comfortably that you’ll routinely forget you have it on.  With the leatherette ear cushion and adjustable headset you’re sure to find the perfect fit for all day wearing.


Poly EncorePro HW720 in UseSTAY FOCUSED

High-frequency wideband support ensures crystal clarity during customer conversations with the Poly EncorePro HW720.

Hearing better means never miscommunicating important information or needing to ask for something repeatedly.

Hear everything correctly the first time by covering both ears. This keeps you focused on your caller and not distracted by noise and other happenings in your office.


Poly EncorePro Telescoping MicrophoneEXTENDABLE MICROPHONE

Ensures precise microphone positioning so customers hear every word.  The noise-canceling microphone of the HW720 extends and is low-sitting. This allows you to position the tip of the microphone at the edge of your mouth for perfect placement.

This allows your caller to hear your voice as it cuts down on background noise around you.


Chalkboard - Headsets 101 GuideNOT SURE WHERE TO START?

Check out our popular Headsets 101 – Ultimate Guide to Understanding Headsets which is constantly being updated to keep you informed on using the Poly EncorePro HW720 and any other Poly or Plantronics headset you’re interested in.

With numerous pictures and detailed headset information, you will fully understand what connects where and what’s needed for any application you may have.

Poly Headset Benefits:

  • Superior comfort and lightweight. Plush ear cushions and premium lightweight materials provide hours of comfortable wear.
  • Dual ear design. Covering both ears keeps you focused on your caller and never distracted by your surroundings
  • Extendable microphone. The HW720 ensures precise microphone positioning so customers hear every word.
  • Advanced ergonomic design. Provides superior balance, fit, comfort and can be worn on either ear.
  • Choose your preferred fit:
    – Dual earpiece (HW720 Binaural) – cuts out distracting background noises.
  • Quick Disconnect™ feature lets you walk away from your phone while still wearing your HW720 EncorePro headset.
  • Adjustable clothing clip.
  • Supports AudioIQ® and Clearline™ audio technologies.
  • Ensures precise listening level, sophisticated hearing protection and superior audio performance.
  • Warranty: 2-Years for Unsurpassed Durability
  • Operating Frequency: High-Frequency Wideband
  • Headset Weight: 78 Grams
  • Compatibility: Poly Amplifier, Adapter Audio Processor or Direct Connect Cable
  • Wearing Style: Binaural / Dual Ear
  • SKU: Poly 78714-101 | HP 805H6AA#ABA
    • Formerly 78714-01/ HW301N
  • UPC: Poly 017229128491 | 197497173765
  • HW700 Series

Poly EncorePro HW720 Insider Info:


When we tested the Poly EncorePro HW720 headset internally, the first thing we noticed was it’s high-tech, sleek design, and sturdiness.  It looks and feels like a premium headset before you ever put it on.

When placing the HW720 on your head, the leatherette ear cushions are pillow soft against your ears and feels like a tremendous upgrade over the standard foam cushion. Also, when using leatherette ear cushions, you will find they slide easily over your hair, where headsets with foam cushions tend to stick and tangle with your hair.

The HW720 headband is adjustable, allowing for a snug and secure fit.  As for the microphone of the HW720, it really sets itself apart from other headsets, because you can rotate the mic up and down, as well as telescope it in and out.

For optimal performance, you will want to rotate/extend the microphone so it’s positioned ¼ of an inch away from the corner of your mouth.

The HW720 noise-canceling microphone uses multiple mics and electronically targets your voice while reducing background noise, so your caller hears your voice clearly over other background noise.

The cable is approximately two feet long and ends in a unique connection called a Quick Disconnect (QD).  The QD will need to plug into a compatible amplifier or cable, depending on your application.

When demonstrating the unit on live calls, the sound quality is amazing.  You get a richness, or fullness, in sound quality like no other headset can produce with the EncorePro HW720.

Being a premium model of the Poly family of EncorePro headsets, it will be more expensive, but if you spend more than a few hours a day on the phone, the extra expense will be well worth the investment, and you’ll benefit for years to come.


When installing the Poly EncorePro HW720, the first task is to properly fit it to your head. Position the headband over your head, with the ear cushions against your ears.

It may require adjusting the headband by sliding it in to make it smaller or out to make it larger so both ears are covered and comfortable.

The microphone needs to be ¼ of an inch (the width of your finger) away from the corner of your mouth. You can rotate the mic boom up and down, as well as pull the mic outward to extend for perfect positioning.

At the end of the headset cable you will find a connection called the Quick Disconnect (QD). You will have a matching connection in which to plug the cable, located on your amplifier or cable, depending on compatibility and your application. Make a test call to ensure the unit is working properly.

Also, many users disregard using the clothing clip, when in actuality it plays an important role in making the headset appear very light weight.

By clipping it on or near your shirt collar, the weight of the lower portion of the cord stops at the clothing clip.  You will never feel pulling on the headset or the need to reposition it as you reach and stretch the lower cord.


When storing, it’s best to place the headband over a hook so it’s not just setting on your desk, and this also keeps the cord hanging freely. If left on your desk, the cleaning crew can easily bump it and knock it to the floor, where the cord can find its way into the vacuum.

You also want to let the cord hang free and avoid tightly wrapping it, which over time will damage the internal wires. We developed a headset hanger to affix to your monitor in an effort to keep you headset safe and out of harms way. To view click HDI Headset Hanger.


When cleaning , always use non-alcohol chemicals or wipes.  Using alcohol-based products over time will break down the cords making them very stiff and clumsy to use.

You will want to wipe all plastic components and cables. Avoid saturating any openings where electronic components are in close proximity. This will include the small holes in the speaker casing and at the end of the mic boom where the microphone is located.

The Poly HW720 comes with leatherette cushions, which can also be wiped or replaced as needed.  When cleaning your Poly EncorePro HW720 headset, avoid sticking anything into the end of the Quick-Disconnect connection where the four metal contacts are located. This connection is made to last, and more damage than good will come if you try to clean it.


If you’re wanting to purchase a Poly or Plantronics headset, this headset is made for a business professional or call center looking for the best possible quality in a wired headset.

With a binaural headset covering both ears, the Poly HW720 keeps you focused on your caller.

The noise-canceling microphone will cut down on background noise, making a great headset for louder environments.

It is priced approximately 30-35% higher than other mid range commercial-grade headsets, so a higher headset budget will be needed.

Additional information for the Poly EncorePro HW720 Headset

Headset Weight

78 grams


Poly 78714-101, HP 805H6AA#ABA


Poly 017229128491, HP 197497173765


Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items



16 reviews for Poly EncorePro HW720 Headset | Poly 78714-101 or HP 805H6AA#ABA

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    I thought it would be a tighter fit to help block surrounding sounds. The ear coverings are comfortable.

    The sound is good however it echoes when speaking.

    Overall it’s good for what it’s supposed to do which is be able to speak and listen.

    HDI: Regarding echo…business grade headsets have sidetone so you always hear a little of your voice in the speaker to help your conversations sound more natural. Also check with us to confirm you have the correct bottom cable for your phone. Many cables exist to cover over 800+ business phones, of which have different wiring and sound volume settings.

  2. Marie (verified owner)

    Purchasing was easy and communications from Headsets Direct is outstanding. This is the best headset – comfortable, reliable, amazing noise cancelling! Highly recommend!

  3. Andy (verified owner)

    Great headset. Very clear sound and comfortable.

  4. SS

    The HW720 works great with ShoreTEL and is a good looking headset. Worth paying a few more dollars if you are also looking at the HW520. No complaints.

  5. Jerry

    This headset solves most of the issues I have had with other headsets. With the speaker for both ears, it helps with my poor hearing, and also blocks out office noise. The sound quality is great, better than every other headset I have used. Keep in mind my other head sets are 20+years old. I have had no complaints from individuals I am speaking with on using a head set. With the others, I would get the occassional comment of them not hearing my conversation well. The one item that is frustrating is that the speakers pivot to 90 degrees and I need to pivot them to put them on my ear. Unfortunately, the pivot spring is strong enough to cause the speaker with the microphone to pivot while I am wearing it. Other headsets are set in place, not causing this problem. With how much time I spend on the phone, a model of over-the-ear might be more comfortable than on-the-ear. I realize they would be more bulky, which is probably why they are not made. With my hearing loss, these are a lifesaver. Thank you for this product.

  6. ar

    Easy to work, comfortable, good sound quality.

  7. Estate agent

    Very comfortable with exceptional clear sound.

  8. Raol

    I would never have figured out what I needed from the Amazon site. This is a great headset when you have the right adaptor.

  9. AJ

    We have ordered this headset time and time again. Everyone loves the dual ear pieces! We have always had the best customer service and purchasing experience with Headsets Direct.

  10. Edie

    This headset is well worth the minimal investment. The quality of both parties is phenomenal! I am very pleased with these headsets and the sleek style that brings a greater sense of professionalism with it.

  11. Freddie

    The sound and volume are great on both my Grandstream phone and my iPhone with the respective direct connect cables. Spoke to Headsets Direct before I bought the headset and found out the direct connect cable Grandstream recommended wasn’t the right one.

  12. Sherry


  13. rickg

    Adequatre head set, but I may be ordering the amplifier soon just to get more volume. The ear piece without the mic tends to turn in, but it’s not really a big deal

  14. MissTee

    Quick shipping. Thanks so much!

  15. Deb

    It has good sound quality. Very good price

  16. Lanese

    I work in a large medical call center. When i first used this headset, i thought my phone was ringing out loud. I looked around to see if everyone could hear my phone ringing. AMAZING!!!!

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