Video Conferencing Equipment

Video conferencing is becoming more popular as companies optimize their staff’s time while improving productivity. Consider the time and cost saving of travel for each member of your staff where a video conference call can accomplish the same customer experience for a fraction of the time and cost involved. Installing new or updating existing video conferencing hardware will provide your staff with the latest in technology, making video calls a preferred means to communicate with other branch offices or customers.

Experience the latest in video conferencing equipment with multiple cameras, video that is constantly optimized, automatically adjusts to include everyone in the room, auto framing and tracking to name a few of the features that are now available.

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Those intrigued in finding out if a video conference solution will improve productivity and customer interactions should give us a call to help you decide between the different options. Participant size will be a factor along with how you want it hosted. Are you going to use a service like Zoom or another cloud based solution? Then compatibility needs to be confirmed. What viewing angle will cover your needs, as well as, do you need additional or remote microphones all come into play.

If social distancing comes into play, we have video conferencing equipment for the office with 180° Panoramic-4K view to help put more distance between users.

Those working from home (#WFM) but need to communicate via video back to the office can enjoy HD quality video in a compact webcam that sits on or below your monitor for single user needs. Easy plug-n-play will have you connected to the world in no time.