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Cell phones phones have become such a major part of our lives, we feel lost without them if left behind at home or work. Users are starting to feel the same way about another device if left behind and look forward to new models as they become available. Welcome to the world of wireless Bluetooth headsets. In the past, you would hold your cell phone / mobile phone between your ear and shoulder as you tried to rummage through your purse or travel case. The same would hold true if you were writing or typing. Now with most models, you don’t even need to touch your phone. With the headset on your ear, you simply say answer or have it initiate calls with voice commands. Once the call is established, you’re hands-free to tackle any task.

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When considering wireless Bluetooth headsets, you need to decide how many devices you will want to pair it with. The basic models will connect to your mobile phone and tablet. If you want to also use the headset with your laptop or PC, purchasing a model which also includes a USB dongle allows you to use the same headset for all of your devices. By simplifying to one headset, you have less to manage in regards to charging, cords, and remembering which button does what.