Microsoft Teams Wired Headsets

Many business professionals use the powerful communication platform Microsoft Teams, formerly Microsoft Skype for Business. Through the platform, users can access essential productivity features like instant messages, video calls, meetings, files, tasks, and calendars securely in one place.

Many users look into certified Microsoft Teams compatible headsets to maximize their usage of Microsoft Teams and for smoother collaboration. Some premier brands manufacturing Microsoft Teams-certified headsets include Jabra, EPOS|Sennheiser and Poly|Plantronics. The benefits  include a dedicated Microsoft Team button on the unit that allows you to activate Teams functions , increasing your productivity.

Another feature is called “presence,” where it detects your current activity and informs your coworkers of your availability. Your presence can be displayed as available, busy, in a call, in a meeting, on a call or away.

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When looking for a wired headset for Microsoft Teams, you should first consider finding the right supplier of Microsoft Teams compatible headsets. Doing so will ensure you have access to exceptional customer support should you need assistance or have questions about wired headsets for Microsoft Teams. Besides customer support, doing so will guarantee product authenticity and warranty coverage.

Once you find a respectable supplier, you can discuss your budget and requirements with them. Some decisions you need to make include whether you need a monaural (one ear-piece) or binaural two ear-piece) headset. A wired headset for Microsoft Teams is also less expensive than wireless models without compromising major features like consistent, clear audio quality. While some headsets suppliers may offer steep pricing for complete warranty coverage, that is not true for Headsets Direct.

Headsets Direct is an authorized dealer of premier Microsoft teams compatible headsets. On top of full customer support and manufacturer warranty coverage, we offer our products at competitive prices.