USB Wireless Headsets

Not all headsets are created equal. While a simple wireless headset may do the job for leisure and exercise, when it comes to business-grade USB wireless headsets like the kind you find in a large-scale call center, not just any product will do.

The best headsets promote the highest level of sound quality and call fidelity—if that’s what you’re after, then you need the right mix of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic comfort.

It is Headsets Direct’s pleasure to introduce our line of wireless headsets built specifically for PC and computer.

Technology changes quickly. Rather than present you with an extensive list of product specifications for the latest USB wireless headsets with microphones, we’ll take a high-level approach, analyzing key features you’ll want to look for when browsing in our online storefront.

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General Headset Styles

Headsets Direct offers a full range of USB wireless headsets to fit any consumer preference. Wireless USB headsets come in five main styles including:

Over-the-head monaural
Over-the-head binaural

Over-the-ear USB wireless headsets for PCs are the modern evolution of Bluetooth products that have been on the market for the last two decades.

Over-the-ear headsets typically feature a directional microphone with an earbud that fits directly inside the user's ear canal. Each headset has a loop that fits over the top of the ear to hold the device in place.

Over-the-ear headsets are designed to be used with a single ear. However, convertible-style USB headsets exist as well. With a convertible model, you can take your over-the-ear headset and affix it to an optional headband to increase the headset's stability and your own personal comfort.

If you're looking for the highest level of sound quality, an over-the-head wireless USB headset may be a better option. This style of headset comes in both the monaural (one ear) and binaural (dual ear) varieties.

Regardless of which configuration you choose, every over-the-head headset comes with a high-quality microphone and sturdy headband, as well as a suite of additional manufacturer-specific quality-of-life features.

In the end, your personal preference is really just a question of lightweight comfort versus performance.

In general, earbuds have less depth to their sound than a full speaker which features a range of bass and treble frequencies.

Binaural over-the-head wireless USB headsets generally feature better quality speakers, form a better seal over your ear, and possess better battery life and wireless range.

Selecting the perfect USB wireless headset with a microphone involves finding the right balance between personal comfort and a feature-rich device.

Connection Options

Regardless of your personal tastes, what makes a USB wireless headset such a powerful business tool is its versatility.

For call center employees, or professionals in a busy, thriving office, mobility is crucial—make phone calls, receive news, manage your account, and everything else that comes with the office environment both at your desk or walking around without worrying about tangling up a cable or pulling something out of a plug.

A wireless headset un-tethers you from your workstation, allowing for more adaptable workflows to take root in your office.

There are two different ways to implement a wireless USB headset:

Via dongle
Via Bluetooth connectivity

Headsets Direct features a full range of Bluetooth-ready products that can be easily paired to your PC or Mac. Using a Bluetooth connection, you can expect a range of up to 30ft. from your workstation. Using a dongle, however, gives you far superior sound quality and range.

The dongle is a piece that fits into the USB slot on your Mac or PC, enabling a stronger connection between hardware and headset. Using a USB dongle, customers can expect a wireless range of up to 100ft. in some cases.

All of our wireless USB headsets include your choice of a USB-A or USB-C dongle in the box.  Make sure to check the available USB ports on your device before ordering. Connection involves a single charge USB cord.

Call Fidelity

Wireless range should be one of the most important factors that you consider when choosing the right wireless USB headset for your PC.

Another key attribute is call fidelity. If you are in a position that requires extensive phone use, you'll want crystal clear sound quality for both you and the party on the other end of the line.

All business-grade headsets feature noise cancellation technology inside the microphone. This helps reduce background noise from being transmitted to clients and customers, increasing the sound quality as well as the overall customer experience.

A majority of the wireless USB headsets we offer come equipped with active noise-canceling (ANC) technology. Active noise-canceling works to eliminate background noise and disorganized frequencies by sending a counter frequency through the headset, effectively nullifying the sound.

Multiple microphones, on the other hand, help your customers hear you. Many of the headsets that we offer come with multiple microphones in the mouthpiece. This configuration helps to project your voice more clearly, free of distracting background noise, to the party on the other end of the line.

When selecting a wireless USB headset for your computer, you'll want to pay special attention to the noise-canceling amenities included.

Quality-of-Life Features

Range, connection, call fidelity, and style are all critical factors to consider when choosing a wireless USB headset, but it's the added quality-of-life features that make our product lineup truly unique.

When shopping for your next headset for computer, check to see if the product you're looking at has any of the following amenities:

Busy light indicators
Enhanced range
Mac and PC compatibility
Call controls
Augmented battery life
Microsoft Teams certified 

Many of the headset models that we sell via our online storefront feature battery life of up to 37 hours standby time and 13 hours of active talk time.

Many binaural over-the-head products feature call controls, such as volume, mute, and call-waiting right on the headset itself. Pair that with a 360°, easily visible busy indicator, and you've got a wireless solution that promotes concentration and productivity.

We understand the wide range of business tools that makes our global economy go round. That's why our product lineup is compatible with both Mac and PC devices.

For companies who rely on productivity software like Microsoft Teams, many of the headsets we offer are Teams certified, built to integrate directly with Microsoft products.

Wireless Productivity on Your Terms

If your job revolves around heavy phone usage, you need the right productivity tools designed for comfort, adaptability, and ease of use. For professionals working in a busy office environment or a hectic call center, a wireless USB headset is an indispensable asset.

Whether you are looking for a lightweight over-the-ear model or an over-the-head binaural product, Headsets Direct offers a full product lineup complete with styles and amenities for any preference.

For more information on our USB headsets for computers, please contact us today.