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Headsets and Compatibility

When first learning about headsets and compatibility, it was amazing how much there was to learn about all the abilities that headsets could provide their users.  Learning about wearing styles and why one style might be a better fit over another style. What the benefits of a wireless headset are verses a corded option. It … Continued

Having echo or static? We can help you with that.

You’re excited about receiving your new wireless CS540 headset.  You get it all set up, charged and ready to go, but when you make your test calls you keep hearing an echo or static when you speak into the microphone. Usually an echo or static means the microphone volume on the base is to too … Continued

Compatible Headsets for Yealink SIP Phones

Are you in the market for a new headset with remarkable quality for your Yealink IP phone? Look no further, Headsets Direct has both corded and wireless headsets that are compatible with Yealink desk phones. Corded headsets for your Yealink phone will most likely require the U10P-S direct connect cable and wireless headsets will need … Continued

The Best of Both Worlds with your USB Headset!

  Investing in and choosing a great quality Bluetooth USB headset or Corded USB headset is an important choice for most of us. We want to make sure we get the sound quality, comfort and function that work best for our needs.  You have found the perfect Plantronics USB headset and it works great for … Continued

Which headset is right for your company’s needs?

The world of headsets can be overwhelming.  There are so many wearing styles to choose from; which headset technology will allow your people to delivery their best for your company?   To determine which headset is right, you’ll need to discuss and address the needs and functions that are important for your company when it … Continued

Poly Product Update: Voyager 6200 UC (Sand) End of Life (EoL) Notice

End of Life (EoL): Voyager 6200 UC The Voyager 6200 UC sand variants are going end of life. The last order date will be May 1, 2020 and the last ship date will be June 1, 2020, or while supplies last. For suggested replacement products, see info below Discontinued: Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC (Sand) # … Continued