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Introducing New Poly Calisto 5300 Speakerphones

Imagine a speakerphone so flexible, you can take it with you wherever you go, turning your current location into a mobile office. Now imagine you could take that power and flexibility and add it to Microsoft Teams meetings? That’s what we’ve done alright.  We’ve improved the Poly Calisto experience even further by introducing the Calisto 5300. … Continued

Jabra Engage 65 Perfect w/ Your Deskphone & PC

I want to do some bragging right now because I’m currently using the Jabra Engage 65 Convertible and I love it! We make a point of trying out all the headsets we sell,  wireless and corded, so we are well informed and know 1st hand how a headset handles the day to day usage and … Continued

Jabra Biz 2400 Corded Headsets | So Comfortable

I’ve been touting Plantronics Headsets for a few years now, and they are wonderful headsets….but I have to say that after getting to use the Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Corded Headset Series, I’ve been very pleased! I really like the styling of these headsets. They look sharp and sleek; have a lower profile look … Continued

Best Selling Headsets Q1-2020

Best selling headset lists can be hard to come by, but can greatly benefit customers in a place to start when shopping for headsets.  As a result, Headsets Direct has specialized in the headset industry since 1996. Having a wide variety of customers enables us to provide solutions from single individuals to large contact/call centers. … Continued

Plantronics: Disposal Only

Plantronics has the following available to ship older/non-working items for proper disposing: Plantronics ATTN: For Disposal Only 1470 Exposition Way # 130 San Diego, CA 92154 If you have further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Bluetooth Density

BLUETOOTH: There should be no deployment issues if the number of headsets in an area is below 25. However, even if there are fewer than 25 headsets, we recommend you to make sure there is at least 1–1.5 m / 3.3–5 ft between bases. If there are 25 or more headsets, areas and base separation … Continued

Audio and Video Accessories

Find accessories you need for your Audio and Video Equipment that you have purchased from us. Many customers will buy extra power plugs or cables. This allows you to quickly unplug the main components and relocate to a different location. With a second set of cables already in place, you can jump into your conference … Continued

CD Headsets

“CD” stands for “Controller and Dispatch” applications. It applied to a number of products that Poly (formerly Plantronics) makes.   The existing portfolio of CD Headsets that we offer are: H31CD: Single over-the-ear headset, ear tip receiver with a voice tube microphone H81N-CD: Single over-the-ear headset, ear bud receiver with a noise canceling microphone Because … Continued