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  • How to fix headset static with 3.5 mm stereo jack.

    (Also applies to headset static when using 2.5 mm stereo jack and 1/8th stereo jack)

    We often hear customers having issues with 3.5mm stereo jacks where there is occasional and sometimes constant static.  Typically the issue is dust between the contacts of the headset jack and the port you're plugging into.  If you occasionally touch the metal contact with your fingers, you are putting oils on the connector.  This in turn allows dust to easily adhere and accumulate on the metal contact.  Dust gets between the points of contact and causes static.







    How to fix headset static?


    First, remove the headset jack from the plug in.  With a can of compressed air, spray into the connector to hopefully remove any dust.  If you don't have compressed air, you can blow into the connector with short, powerful puffs of air.







    With a soft cloth, thoroughly wipe the metal contact to remove any dust and oil residue.

    When finished, re-insert the jack into the connector.  Hopefully this resolves the issue and you can use your headset without static.

















    If it doesn't, the 3.5mm jack may be damaged and not lining up correctly which causes static as it occasionally makes contact.  Your headset will need to be replaced at that point.

    Another cause of static with headsets using the 3.5mm connection is when wires become damaged inside the outer protective cable.  This can happen if you regularly pull or tug on the cable (colored orange in the above pictures) instead of the hard plastic molded assembly.  It's best to separate the cables only by pulling the hard molded plastic next to the 3.5mm jack while also holding the inline volume controls with your other hand.

    In September 2016, Apple release the iPhone 7 and for the first time, removed the 3.5mm headset jack.  This was a much needed move in the industry to replace the 3.5mm headset jack with a more durable and reliable connection.  For Apple, it meant moving to their Lightning Connector.  Other mobile phone and device manufacturers surely will follow Apple's lead.

  • Must-Have for Phone Training and Being A Better Coach

    If you do phone training, our Wireless Adapter and Y-Cords are a must-have.

    Great for New Hires New hires can listen into both sides of a call, reducing training time and improving their training experience. This speeds up the learning curve and makes them more effective. Compare hearing only the outbound part of the conversation to hearing both sides. Clearly, a new person is going to learn to handle specific situations faster, as well as internalize the company "voice" more naturally and quickly.

    Makes You A Better, More Effective Trainer and Manager The benefits of multitasking while using a wireless headset also apply to you when monitoring a new hire. Stay productive while waiting for a connection and even during calls you monitor (your headset is muted). The Adapter even allows you to drop into a call if need be with a push of a button. Many of our users will instant message trainees during the call with suggestions. It also allows you to provide feedback and coach employees after the call.

    Wireless Training Option: Headsets Direct - Wireless Headset Training Adapter

    Looks simple, doesn't it? Well, it is. Powerful, too. -Attach it to the phone making the calls to be monitored. -Plug in 2 headsets, corded or wireless. -The headset doing the monitoring is muted by the push of a button. -If the monitoring headset is wireless, you can go where work needs you, being productive on your own while listening. -You can also drop into the call if needed with the push of a button.

    More info and ordering: HDI Wireless Adapter

    Corded Training Option:

    Plantronics Corded Headsets Y-Training CableThe Y-Cable allows two headsets to use one amplifier/bottom cable when you train with corded Plantronics headsets. Now two people can monitor calls for training purposes. A toggle switch allows you to control which mic is live and which is muted (only one of the monitoring mics is live, the other is automatically muted).

    More info and ordering: Plantronics Y-Cord

    Both options are simple to install and use, inexpensive, and dramatically improve your ability to train employees how to be more effective on the phone.

  • Top 5 Headphone Headlines for July 2016

    Staying up to date on the latest happenings in the headphone world is a full time job.  We've taken our most popular posts for the month to simplify the process.  Take a look at the follow snippets to see what's of interest and click on the links for the full article.  This months findings include things you didn't know your iPhone headphones could do to new noise-canceling headphones that let specific words come through.  Enjoy!




    iPhone13 things you didn’t know your iPhone headphones could do

    Anyone seeking to tune out the world around them already has access to high-tech headphones capable of muffling the sounds. Noise-canceling headphones cost several hundred dollars...




    blogHow Amazon may solve the glaring weakness of noise-canceling headphones

    Anyone seeking to tune out the world around them already has access to high-tech headphones capable of muffling the sounds. Noise-canceling headphones cost several hundred dollars...




    Denon-AH-MM400-3_w720_h492Denon AH-MM400 headphones review

    Headphones are big bucks these days, especially since Beats Audio turned them into fashion items first and audio products second, which is a shame when music fans want the very best from their collection.





    uletktk.0Custom in-ear headphones are the supercars of personal audio

    Earlier this week, I awarded The Verge’s highest ever score, 9.4, to the extraordinary Focal Utopia headphones. Inhabiting the space between those cans was a rare (and terribly expensive) privilege...




    pict5p-2nd-generation15-11perspective-groundv1sssDangerously good: The Beyerdynamic T5p headphones

    It didn't take too long to feel right at home with the new Beyerdynamic T5p (2. Generation) headphones ($1,099, £977, AU$1,829) because the look and feel of this hand-crafted in Germany headphone...

  • Plantronics C325.1 PC & Mobile Phone Headset

    The Plantronics C325.1 makes for a great PC & 3.5mm mobile phone or tablet headset.

    The new Plantronics Blackwire C325.1 (SKU # 204446-02) headset is a dual-ear, entry-level priced headset. This headset is unique in that it will plug into your PC through the USB port, and it will plug into your mobile phone using a 3.5 millimeter jack.


    The Blackwire C325.1 headset has a noise-canceling microphone. The microphone is flexible, so you can rotate it so it can fit on either the right or left side of your head. The microphone is also bendable to help you get the best mic positioning, so your caller will hear you better.

    This versatile headset also has soft, leatherette ear cushions that fold flat for easy storage in the included carrying case for travel.

    Having both ears covered gives you better sound quality, because it balances the sound. You can stay focused on your caller better, because you don't have one ear open. This keeps you from being distracted by things going on around you. You can hear your caller more accurately and not have to repeat information. In the louder office environment , it becomes more critical to block out all background noise, and with the noise-canceling mic, your callers can hear you better.

    The Plantronics C325.1 also has in-line volume control, so you have a control for volume up and volume down. It has a mute button and a call control button. The call control button is important if you are using software or a soft phone. When a call comes in, you simply press the call control button to take the call; you don't even have to touch your mouse. This makes it very convenient for soft phone users.

    The headset terminates in a USB port , so you simply plug and play into any PC or Mac. In a matter of seconds it downloads the drivers, you set it as your audio device, and you're up and going. So it works really well if you have migrated to unified communications. If you are using VoIP or a soft phone, you simply plug it in, set it, and it becomes your everyday business-grade headset. You will find you benefit by using a headset on a PC, so you're not blasting away using external speakers, so your calls are not broadcast and remain private.

    Now what is really unique about this headset is you pull it apart at the inline controls, and one part stays behind at your PC. Now you have all the great benefits of this headset to be used on your mobile phone also. This headset plugs into any iPhone , Samsung, or tablet device, so you get all the same benefits with this headset that you have on your PC. So if you are taking mixed calls from a soft phone and a mobile phone, you can use one headset for both applications. This also means you can take this headset with you, plug it into your phone and be walking down the street or talking in the car. The Plantronics C325.1 headset is a great headset for both PC and mobile phone use.

    For more info and ordering click: Plantronics C325.1 headset

  • IPitomy phones and Plantronics Headsets

    IPitomy (IP620-BG V3 & IP320 V3) phones are compatible with Plantronics CS500 or W700 series wireless headsets.  For remote answer/hangup, you also need IPitomy's wireless headset adapter (BWM36).


    Plug the Plantronics Telephone Interface Cable (included with any Plantronics CS500 or W700 series) into the headset port on the back of the IPitomy phone.


    Plug the RJ45-RJ9 cable (included with the phone) into the back of the headset and the BWM36 adapter.

    You will now have the ability to answer and hang-up remotely with the IPitomy EHS cable.


    More info: http://wiki.ipitomy.com/images/f/f6/IPitomy-BWM36_Configuration_User_Guide.pdf

  • AltiGen Headsets for the AltiGen IP720 Phone

    AltiGen headsets and compatible Plantronics headsets.

    The AltiGen IP 720 phone is a business telephone that provides voice communication over an IP network. The IP 720 provides built-in power-over-Ethernet support and functionality similar to traditional business phones, including automatic redial, on-hook dialing, hands-free operation, 15 programmable keys, LCD display, and headset port support for the Plantronics wireless headset. The main components of the phone are illustrated in the figures below and described in the table that follows each figure.


    (#8)  Headset Hook switch for headset device.



    #6 Plantronics PSB Port (Plantronics serial bus port) Connects to a Plantronics wireless headset base

    #8  Headset Port Connects to a non-amplified headset with RJ9 connector




    Headset button = When pressed, the user will be able to activate the RJ-9 headset port.

    • This button is used as a hook switch for headset ports. • The button is used as a headset-in use indicator when a Plantronics wireless PSB port is connected. The headset on-hook and off-hook is controlled by the Plantronics headset module

    For more info visit: Manufacturer Manual


  • Why you need the Plantronics EncorePro HW540 Corded Headset? Versatility!

  • Why You Need A Busy Light Or On-Line Indicator With Your Plantronics Wireless Headset.


    Plantronics Busy Lights:


    80287-01_2 (1)



    Blue: Plantronics Busy Light (part #80287-01)







    65116-02 (1)



    Red: Plantronics Busy Light (part #65116-02)






    As we transition into wireless headsets, there is a drastic dynamic that changes in the office that a lot of people are not aware of or have not thought about.


    Your Handset Tells Co-Workers Not To Interrupt

    When you are on a call, you hold the handset up against your ear; this is the universal sign to your coworkers that you are on a call, and they should not interrupt you.  Since most people wear their wireless headset all the time, it is not obvious when you are on a phone call.




     A Headset By Itself Doesn't Alert Co-Workers Of Your Availability

    As you can see in the picture above, there is no indication that you are on a call.  So you will regularly have people walk up to you and start talking while you are on a call, and you will go, "Oh, hang on, hang on, wait a minute".  Now you've missed the important information your coworker tried to relate to you, and your caller probably overheard some of that conversation, and they think you are telling them to hold on -- it causes a lot of confusion.




    When you use a wireless headset, there's a simple way to solve that problem, and it's with the addition of a busy light.  Busy lights are very inexpensive -- $29.95. They attach to your wireless system, and when you turn your headset on, they start flashing to show you are now on a call.  So this becomes the indication to your coworkers that you are busy and they should not interrupt you. The busy light comes with a 5-foot cord, so you can easily stretch it across your desk.  You can put it on top of your cubicle, like we have them here at Headsets Direct.  It also has adhesive tape so you can attach it to the side of your monitor, so you have lots of options.  You should position it where people will see it as they approach your desk.  So instead of trying to decipher if you are busy or not, they will just look at the busy light and immediately know if they can approach you.  Then they can either take up a conversation at that point, or come back later.


    Busy Lights Easily Alert Your Co-Workers

    To recap, these are called busy lights, or online indicators, for Plantronics wireless headsets.  A great inexpensive add on for any system to get that cohesiveness back into your office, knowing when to approach coworkers or not.






    If you have questions about this or anything else, give us a call at Headsets Direct, 1-800-914-7996, or visit us online at www.headsetsdirect.com.



  • Why You Need A Lifter Or EHS Cable With Your Plantronics Wireless Headset.

    Plantronics Handset Lifters & EHS Cables:


    Handset Lifter:  Plantronics HL10

    EHS Cable: All Cables Available

    Compatibility Assistance: Links to determine which lifter/EHS cable you need


    The biggest reason you need a handset lifter or EHS cable is you get a lot more value and production out of your wireless headset by adding one of these devices.  There are three key benefits: First is you have the ability to answer away from your desk; second you don't miss calls to voice mail, because it will beep in your ear every time you have an incoming call; and last it automates how you take calls.  So you really cut down on the number of steps, most of the time in half, to answer and hang up calls.


    So what exactly does a handset lifter do?  Plantronics made the handset lifter many years ago.  It is very simple.  It uses adhesive tape to stick to the side of your phone, and it works on most telephones, even very basic phones.  When you push a button on the headset, it lifts a flap, and that flap lifts your handset up, and it simulates you taking a call.


    The electronic hook switch cable, or EHS cable, is for newer, more sophisticated phones that actually have a headset port built into them.  You need either a handset lifter or an EHS cable, you don't need both. The newer technology that most people are going with is the EHS cable, because it's a lot cleaner setup, and it plugs directly into the circuit board.  The engineers at Plantronics have worked with the phone manufacturers on the EHS cables so that you don't have the mechanical raising and lowering of the handset lifter, it's done directly with the circuit board.


    Once you have them installed and you have an incoming call, you simply push a button on your headset to answer the call, so it automates the whole sequence.  When you are finished with the call, you just push the same button on the headset to disconnect the call.  Without these devices, you have to turn your headset on each time, and you also have to walk back to your phone to trigger your phone by either pushing a button or lifting the handset up and down, so this is a huge benefit.  You get a lot more out of your wireless headset when you use one of these devices, because you can answer away from your phone, you're not missing calls to voice mail, and it automates the whole system.


    If you have any questions on this or any other headsets, please give us a call at Headsets Direct 1-800-914-7996, or visit us online at www.headsetsdirect.com.



  • Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor - Introduction, Features and Benefits Video.

    Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor:

    The new Plantronics DA80 is a high-performance USB audio processor for analog headsets.  The DA80 has a standard USB connection on one end, then a cord, then the inline controls, and finally the standard Plantronics quick disconnect.  This is where you would also need an H-Series headset to plug into the quick-disconnect connection to make everything work.

    So the brains of the whole thing is in the inline controls; this is really what you want to focus on. The DA80 is a very smart device. Up to this point, the typical cables that would plug into your PC haven't had very many features, they just gave you basic volume and mute controls. This is the first device that's really stepped that up a notch, which will be very helpful for people who are migrating to VOIP. If you are using voice-over on the Internet, using cloud-based phone systems for the first time, or if you are in a contact or call center where you are using applications that can use contextual intelligence where the software and the headset are speaking to each other, the Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor would be perfect. The DA80 knows when the headset is on your head, or when the headset is plugged in. In your software, you are able to see when you are actively ready to accept calls or are making calls, and your manager is able to see when you are online and able to take a call. If you disconnect your headset from the quick disconnect, and you are using compatible software, it registers that you are disconnected, it no longer sends calls to your station, and your supervisor can see that you are off line. So contextual intelligence is a really new idea that is going to advance quickly, as more software applications become available.

    Let's take a look at some of the features of the Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor. So first off, there is a green LED that tells you a lot about what's going on in your call. If the LED is flickering, that means you have an incoming call. If it is steady, you are on an active call, and if it is flashing, you have a call on hold. And it gives you call control, so it also allows you to just simply push a button to take a call, you push it again, and that disconnects the call.  If you press it and hold it briefly, you can put a call on hold.  Also it gives you volume up and volume down for your speaker. You also have a mute button, which lights up red, so you can really see what is going on right there at your fingertips, at the quick disconnect. You don't have to fumble through your software or fumble with your mouse to turn your speaker up or down or mute, it's all right here in front of you.  So it makes your life much easier, if you're using VOIP or a cloud-based phone system. Again, this is the Plantroncs DA80 Audio Processor.

    If you have questions on this, or any other products, give us a call at Headsets Direct - 800-914-7996, or visit us online at www.headsetsdirect.com.

    For more info click: Plantronics DA80 Audio Processor for H-Series Headsets

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