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The Poly Savi series of wireless headsets offer business-grade solutions in various wearing styles. Poly Savi headsets are wireless DECT headsets compatible with desk phones, PCs and cell phones. Wearing styles include over-the-ear, headbands with single or dual ear cushions and convertibles with multiple wearing options. They’re an example of our fantastic inventory of Poly headsets.

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Poly Savi Headsets Backed by a Stellar History

In the early 1960s, airline headsets were large and cumbersome, prompting pilots to revert to handheld microphones for communication. However, with the advent of jet airliners, there emerged a necessity for smaller, lightweight headsets. In response, Plantronics introduced compact headsets​. Plantronics’ legacy continues in models like the Poly Savi 8220, Poly Savi 7310 and Poly Savi 8210. The merger between Plantronics and Polycom in 2018 ushered in a new era, leading to the rebranding of Plantronics as Poly in 2019. HP then bought the company in 2023.

Poly Savi Headsets Deliver the Features You Want

The Poly Savi series doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. They are easy to use, comfortable to wear and visually appealing, making them a perfect fit for the contemporary office environment. Poly Savi headsets also provide:

  • Versatility, with headband, over-the-ear and convertible options
  • Crystal-clear connections, featuring advanced noise-canceling technology
  • Long-lasting charges, ensuring your headset is ready when you need it
  • Convenience, delivering hands-free operation and a broad roaming range
  • Flawless flexibility, featuring different options to connect from your computer, desk phone or mobile phone

Poly Savi Headsets: Engineered for Excellence

Each Poly Savi headset is crafted for the modern workspace, delivering a blend of top-notch audio quality, comfort and style. These headsets are tailored to meet the diverse preferences of the workforce, offering mono, stereo and convertible options. They come in different series, including Savi 8400, 8200, 7400, 7300 and 7200, each designed to cater to distinct office needs​.

Effortless Connectivity

The Savi 8200 and Savi 8400 office series offer seamless connectivity to multiple devices, enabling users to switch between their computer, desk phone or mobile phone. This multi-device connectivity ensures flexibility and adaptability in a fast-paced working environment​​.

Superior Audio Quality

With the Savi 8200 Office Series, every conversation is crystal clear. This superior audio quality ensures effective communication, which is crucial in a professional setting​​.

Advanced Security

The Savi 7400 series is built with advanced security features, so it’s a suitable choice for modern offices. These headsets can be deployed across the organization, allowing everyone to benefit from enhanced productivity and wireless freedom​​.

Privacy and Confidentiality

For sectors where privacy is paramount, the Savi 7300 series provides the perfect solution. With up to 2x better density, these headsets are ideal for financial, medical, government and contact centers, ensuring that sensitive conversations remain private​​.

Increased Productivity

The Savi 7200 series is designed for desk phones, promoting productivity by providing convenient company-wide deployment and desk phone compatibility. These headsets are geared towards making the workforce more productive by offering a hands-free communication experience​​.

Poly Savi‘s DECT Technology Explained

Poly Savi headsets use Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, or DECT for short. DECT 6.0, which operates on the 1.9 GHz band, is the standard in the U.S. and Canada. Thanks to its 64-bit to 256-bit AES encryption, DECT technology makes it virtually impossible for someone to listen in on a call once the headset and base/dongle are paired. 

With DECT, Poly Savi headsets offer 330 to 590 feet of roaming distance, giving users the flexibility to move around large areas like warehouses or office complexes without losing the call quality.

The 60 channels available on the 1.9 GHz band reduce the chance of interference, even when multiple devices are in use at the same time. The technology scans for the clearest channel, providing you with a smooth experience.

A Wide Range of Poly Savi Headsets to Meet Your Needs 

Poly Savi headsets are more than just a tool for communication; they are a statement of quality, reliability and excellence, ensuring that every conversation counts. Poly Savi headsets’ wireless technology gives you the freedom to succeed. Whether you want the Poly Savi 7320  or Poly Savi 8240, you’re sure to find a headset just right for your requirements:

Headsets Direct: Your Poly Savi Source

Also known as Plantronics, Poly Savi headsets are an ideal choice for many business settings, and Headsets Direct is the ideal source for your Poly Savi headset. Founded in 1996, we offer excellent customer service and superior knowledge. We’re a Poly Authorized Dealer, and you’ll gain substantial benefits from our direct relationship with the manufacturer. Our Plantronics Certified headset experts are always on hand to provide the guidance you seek. You can trust Headsets Direct as your Poly Savi supplier of choice.

Info & FAQs About Poly Savi Headsets

As a leading source of Poly Savi headsets, we’re perfectly situated to answer your questions. Read on for additional details, and contact us for more information.

The best Poly Savi headset is the one that meets your needs. If you’re looking for extended roaming distances, try the 8400 Series. If call privacy is a concern, check out the 7300 Series.

First, adjust the configuration setting on your Poly Savi headset. On the base, lower your desk phone listening volume and then adjust the headset volume control to an appropriate level.

You can buy the Poly Savi headsets you want at Headsets Direct. We have an outstanding inventory, with many models in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Purchase Poly Savi Headsets Today

Switch to Poly Savi headsets and experience crystal clear audio, comfort and a stylish look that fits right into your workspace. From seamless connectivity across multiple devices to ensuring private conversations stay private, these headsets are built for the modern professional. Don’t miss a word in crucial discussions. Make the smart choice today and order your Poly Savi headset from Headsets Direct.

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