Poly Savi 8400 Series DECT Office Headsets

The Poly Savi 8400 Office series of professional wireless headsets will work with your desk phone, PC, and mobile phone. They have features like a color display for audio settings, a noise-canceling microphone, and an excellent roaming range. Know your calls are safe with Poly 8400 DECT security-certified. You’ll find the perfect wearing style for your comfort and environment.

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Poly Savi 8400 Series Backed By a Legacy of Innovation

The Poly Savi 8400 series is a result of Poly’s history of innovation. Airline headsets in the 1960s were impractical and bulky, so a pair of pilots designed a compact model that was hands-free. Within a few years of its founding in 1961, Plantronics controlled the American headset market for telephone operators and air traffic controllers. The company went on to develop headsets used by the Mercury and Apollo space missions and entered the wireless market in the 1980s, always staying one step ahead as an industry pioneer.

Flash forward to the creation of Poly, which evolved from Plantronics’ purchase of Polycom. HP acquired the combined company in 2023, continuing its legacy of excellence.

The Poly Savi 8400 Series Delivers Comfort and Productivity

The Poly Savi 8400 series provides the efficiency and comfort you need in today’s fast-paced business environment. Designed with the professional in mind, the Poly 8400 headset offers unparalleled versatility, seamlessly connecting with desk phones, PCs, and mobile devices. With the Poly Savi 8400, DECT technology is built in, delivering the security you want in your office calls. The headsets ensure crystal-clear communication without the shackles of wires, while the advanced noise-canceling microphone keeps conversations focused and free from background distractions. If you’re looking for a Poly headset, the Savi 8400 is an excellent choice. This series is a productivity powerhouse that adapts to your work style, enabling peak performance throughout the workday.

Explaining the Poly Savi 8400 DECT Series

The Poly Savi 8400 DECT series features Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications with 64-bit to 256-bit AES encryption. The advanced level of encryption makes it extremely difficult for unauthorized users to listen to your calls. The standard in the U.S. and Canada is DECT 6.0, which operates on the 1.9 GHz band.

Compared to Bluetooth, DECT wireless headsets provide better wireless density performance and significantly more range. With the Poly Savi 8400 series, you can roam up to 590 feet, line of sight.

Poly Savi 8400 Headset Features

Like all Poly Savi headsets, a Poly Savi 8400 headset offers the best of all possible worlds. It’s available in a range of wearing styles, ensuring you find something to suit your needs. Plus, the Poly Savi 8400 is lightweight, with Poly Savi 8445 headsets coming in at just 21 grams. With the 8400 series, you can:

  • Effortlessly add and manage devices (like PCs, mobiles, and desk phones) and choose a main line.
  • Connect your headset quickly, a must-have feature for shared workspaces.
  • Adjust your device’s settings, including audio safety features, choosing between high or low-quality sound, ringtone options, and more.
  • Link up to four headsets to one base in the office or combine calls from two different sources (for example, merging a desk phone call with a computer call).
  • Use a special button to work with Microsoft Teams (available on the Microsoft Teams versions).

The base unit is compatible with a variety of Savi headsets (8400/8200/7400/7300 series), making it easier to switch back to office work with just one base for all your Savi headsets.

Poly Savi 7410/7220 Office Wireless DECT Headset BaseWhy Choose Headsets Direct for Your Poly Savi 8400 Needs?

Headsets Direct is a leading provider of Poly headsets, and we’re pleased to offer the Poly Savi 8400 series. When you partner with us, you get the benefits of guaranteed genuine product, full two-year manufacturer’s warranty, and bulk discounts on purchases of 20+ units. Our knowledgeable, highly trained staff is ready to answer all your questions and help you identify the right Poly 8400 headset for your needs. When you want world-class customer service combined with outstanding headset features, you want Headsets Direct.

Info and FAQs About the Poly Savi 8400 Series

Take advantage of our position as an industry leader and get the answers to your Poly Savi 8400 series questions. We’re uniquely situated to provide the information you want. Read on to learn more.

Simply plug your Poly Savi 8400 series base into the computer for instant connectivity.

To connect a Poly Savi 8400 headset to your mobile phone:

  1. Access the settings menu on your base by pressing the navigation wheel on the base’s left side.
  2. Scroll and press to choose Devices > Add Device > Mobile. 
  3. On your mobile phone, go to your Bluetooth settings and choose Poly Savi x400. 

“Connected” will appear on the base’s mobile menu once pairing is successful, and the mobile phone icon will be visible on our base home screen.

They are both very similar with only slight differences to better suit your specific needs. The Savi 7400 uses Acoustic Fence for the best in microphone noise cancelling. It also features DECT™ Security Step C providing 2x better density than other DECT™ headsets. The Savi 8420 offers Active Noise Canceling in the speaker to help users hear better in loud environments.

Purchase the Poly Savi 8400 Series From Headsets Direct

Whether you’re maneuvering through the dynamic demands of a bustling office or need the freedom to move without losing connection, the Poly Savi 8400 series from Headsets Direct is your perfect partner. With state-of-the-art DECT technology, crystal-clear audio, and the flexibility to connect with multiple devices, these headsets are designed to boost your productivity. Embrace the power of seamless, secure, and efficient communication and order a Poly Savi 8400 headset from Headsets Direct today.

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