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Less Confusion About Headsets Starts Here:
These few links here are going to be about the broad topics of headsets, wireless headsets, and what the best application of each of them will be. At, we want to make sure you’re connected with the best headset for your needs. Not knowing or using all the features available could cost you time and money. Take a look at these links to learn more about what features of a headset will benefit you the most. From there, you can easily find the right model and possibly the additional headset accessories you need to make your experience complete.
What is the right headset for you? How do you know? Do you want it to work with your cell phone as well as your desk phone? Can you plug in and out of different phones? We can tell you all those answers!

Plantronics Headset Product Videos:


* We have many additional videos to help you learn more about specific headsets. We invite you to learn more about some of the best options out there today.  Some of the new and advanced technology can be confusing.  How do you know which headset offers the right options for you? We have answered those questions many times. Take a look for yourself, please visit our Headsets Direct Video Channel.


Best Selling Headsets for:
You know there are lots of people who jump through the hoops, research like crazy, read ALL the reviews, and even product test. These are the people we all appreciate because they let the rest of us know what’s up. You don’t want to be that guy who buys the odd headset that isn’t exactly what you wanted. You could have learned before-hand. Let’s take that long list of headsets that ‘could’ work, and shorten the list. Here are the top 5 best selling headsets that seem to be the ones the research geeks are loving right now. Jump on the bandwagon and save yourself the hassle. We have what you need. Take a look at these links.


Bluetooth Pairing Instructions and Help:
How many times have you worked and struggled tirelessly to attempt to get your new Plantronics Bluetooth headset to your cell phone or even your new desk phone base. What does that blue light beeping 3 times mean versus 1 time again? Argh! It can be a challenge. Why can’t they just make this a simple and consistent process that is the same across all devices? No worries! Hey, we got you covered. We’ve listed the 5 most popular headsets that we get asked about for instruction. If you are looking for a different headset, check out the specific model in our repository and product page. We include all instructions with each of our products. Yeah, you can thank us later when your new Bluetooth headset was easily paired the first time.

* For pairing instructions not listed, please search our site to locate your model of headset and click the specification tab.


Our Most Popular Plantronics Headset Blog Posts:
Don’t you ever feel like you need information, tips, tricks, secrets, how to make extra money, and how to get the girl? It’s all there, except the last one. You’re on your own there. Who knows, maybe you can find your special significant other with one of our headsets. Based on the searches and traffic to our blog seeking out information about headsets, we’ve helped out by providing our top 5 most popular blog posts of this year. Don’t be shy, check them out!


Plantronics Headset Common User Guides:
Wireless Office Headsets Corded Office Headsets Bluetooth Headsets      Computer Headsets      
CS540 EncorePro HW291N M155 Marque Blackwire C310
CS530 EncorePro HW301N Voyager Legend Blackwire C610/C620
CS520 Voyager Pro HD
CS510 M55
W740 M50
W730 Discovery 975

* For user guides not listed, please search our site to locate your model of headset and click the specification tab.


How-To Guides:
Changing a battery, getting a new headset base, connecting it to your computer… We have it all. Find help with some of your most common questions below. Don’t forget, we’re the Plantronics headset experts (we would know!).



Headset/Phone Compatibility:
Does it work with my phone? Does that phone work with my headset? Probably.  Find out more by clicking on the phone brand below. These guides will tell you if it works or not.  We’ll save you the time and hassle. You’re welcome.