Jabra GN2100 vs Plantronics HW251

Latest update: December 27, 2023


When comparing the Jabra GN2100 headset with the Plantronics HW251, the information below shows the Plantronics HW251 to give more value for your headset investment.

Wideband vs Narrowband.

Newer telephones and VoIP systems are now coming with wideband frequency response so you’ll want headsets of equal standards. The Plantronics HW251 provides wideband audio for a more natural sound and clearer conversations. The Jabra GN2100 headset uses older, narrowband frequency for analog systems.


Better Performance and All-Day Comfort.

The Plantronics HW251 has an ear cushion sizably larger than the Jabra GN2100. A larger ear cushion will block more noise so you can hear your caller better while being softer against the ear for a more comfortable fit.


Replacement Accessories.

Both headsets use the same design with a tube to transmit your voice up to the ear piece where the microphone resides. The Plantronics HW251 offers a replaceable voice tube where the Jabra GN2100 does not.


Comparing Weight.

The Jabra GN2100 does weigh less than the Plantronics HW251 comparing 21 grams to 54 grams. Because the wearing style allows the headband to disperse the weight across your head, you will have a hard time telling the difference.

From our experience…

We have found time and time again Plantronics’ after sale support is unparalleled in the headset industry. If you need a replacement unit, Plantronics quickly sends a replacement unit to get you up and going. No questions, delays or run-around. They simply want you up and going with their headsets working properly.


Fast and Simple Setup

Helpful Downloads

HW251 Product Sheet
HW251N Product Sheet
M22 Product Sheet

How Do I Order?

Order now on our fast and secure website or call 1-800-914-7996 today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I order?
    Just give us a quick call at 1-800-914-7996 or order the HW251 online.
  2. What other items are required?
    You will need an amplifier or bottom direct-connect cable to plug in-between the HW251 and your phone. It’s best to call us to determine compatibility.
  3. How is the sound quality?
    The HW251 is a commercial grade headset. It’s sound quality will be equal to if not better than your current handset. By using a headset, you also gain the benefit of being hands free to write or type giving you a huge productivity boost.
  4. Technology scares me. How complicated is setup and daily usage?
    Setup takes 2-3 minutes. After the first couple days your ear will quickly adapt to the better audio quality and you’ll forget you have it on.
  5. How often should I change the voice tube and ear cushion?
    The voice tube has a screen at the end and if you eat while wearing it or wear makeup, food and other particles can clog the end which reduces your voice volume. At that point a replacement is necessary. If you don’t eat with it and makeup doesn’t rub against it for example, you may never need to replace the tube. As for ear cushions, again it depends on simple wear and tear. If you take care of your headset, they will last for year. If you’re rougher with it, you may need to replace more often.

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