Replacement battery for the Plantronics CS70 and CS70N wireless headsets?

Problem: I have a few wireless Plantronics CS70N and CS70 bases but the headsets are no longer working. Is there a replacement battery for the headsets or a replacement headset for the CS70? If you offer a replacement for either of these, how much do they cost?

Plantronics CS70NSolution: Unfortunately, Plantronics chose not to use a replaceable battery in either of the CS70 or CS70N headsets. So after the life of the battery dies, the headset is no longer of any use to you. I know it seems like a waste but that is the way Plantronics designed the headsets.

Plantronics no longer manufactures the CS70 or a replacement headset for that system but you can use the replacement headset for the Plantronics CS70N, part number 72910-01, on your CS70.  This is a noise canceling headset; it will get rid of a big percentage of your back ground noise, unlike the CS70 headset which is a voice tube model. It is the same wearing style that you use with the CS70.

The Plantronics CS70N replacement headset sells for $179. Headset Directs offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all the Plantronics wireless replacement headsets. Just remember that you will need to pair your replacement headset to the CS70 base.  Our web page offers instructions and pictures on how to pair the base and headset. If you think the price on the replacement headset is too expensive, you can purchase a new CS70N starting at $240. If you need additional help, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-914-7996.

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  1. I also has a CS70n, and searching for battery replacement instruction. I found there is a web site selling those battery but not sure if it fits or not. Also not sure how to change the battery too… Please share information if found.

    • Unfortunately the Plantronics CS70 and CS70N headsets do not have a replaceable battery, the rechargeable battery inside the headset is actually “hard wired” and was not meant to be replaced like in other models such as the CS55, CS351N, etc. Chances are, the batteries that you saw online were for these headset models. Once the CS70 and CS70N headset stops holding a charge and wears out, you have to replace the entire headset. The replacement CS70N headset is model number 72910-01, and can be found on our website.

  2. Actually, several vendors sell replacement batteries for the CS70 models. It does require unsoldering the two battery wires and resoldering the new battery back, but it is very easy, or you can have an electronics repair shop do it for you. The battery is accessed by removing a small screw in the bottom of the headset next to the charging contacts and pulling the silver plastic case away from the black frame.

    • Yes, what you suggest is possible but is not easy to accomplish by most people. You also have to make sure the replacement battery is an exact replaement and not damage the headset.

    • Yes, replacing the battery should extend your distance and you will also want to check the distance setting on newer models of wireless headsets. To increase talk time, you can setup newer wireless base units to decrease distance as a trade-off.

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