What are my options for your best headset to use with my computer and VOIP:

PROBLEM: I need to purchase a good quality headset to use with my computer and VOIP.   What is your best computer headset?

SOLUTION: You are asking a trick question because rarely is there one headset that is “best” for everyone.   Thank goodness Plantronics provides us with so many choices!   For example:  are you wanting a wireless unit, and if so, do you plan to use it only with your computer, or would you like to use it with your cell phone as well?  Or are you looking for a corded unit that can provide high quality conversations as well as first class tone quality for listening to music or playing games?

If you prefer wireless, take a look at the WG100b (Savi Go). Hands down it is the best wireless value, offering the latest state of the art technology as well as a full menu of options. The Savi GO is designed for in-office “mobile professionals”.  It allows you to seamlessly switch between calls on your cell phone and calls on your computer with just a touch of a button.  Oh by the way, it also provides a headband and an ear hook so you can decide which wearing style is most comfortable.  Are you wondering about quality?  How about wideband technology with an extended noise canceling boom, so your callers hear only your clear, natural sounding, voice?  Anyone looking for a top-notch, sharp looking, wireless, with excellent quality and plenty of options, should seriously consider the Savi Go!

What if you’re not too keen on wireless, or you’re on a tight budget right now?  Not to worry, we also have a new, value priced, corded unit that is loaded with top of the line features.   Our .Audio 476 DSP has Digital Signal Processing which offers enhanced sound quality; and wideband acoustic echo cancellation, so your calls are clear and natural. Not only that , but you will love how the acoustically tuned equalizer  supplies rich, resonant stereo, and optimizes voice response so you can truly enjoy your music, watching a movie, or playing your favorite video game!  The easy to use inline, volume and mute controls, along with the USB plug and play connector, make set up a snap!  By the way, it’s also foldable so you can take it with you to the library, on business trips, or anywhere you want your computer making it one of our best computer headsets.

Check out both of these new units, and if you have any questions or need assistance, give us a call.  At Headsets Direct we want to help you get the best computer headset that is “best” for you and your particular situation.

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