Looking for USB Headsets that are Wireless and Dual Ear?

Our USB wireless dual ear (stereo) headset buyers guide will provide you with the information and choices you need to make an educated buying decision. When deciding between a wired and wireless option, it’s good to recognize that as technology has advanced, wireless models sound equal if not better than similar wired models. Headset manufacturers have been putting most of their research and development efforts into wireless headset technology as they’ve quickly become the more popular choice.

USB Office Wireless Headsets Covering Both Ears

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First Consideration:

  • Wired|Single Ear
  • Wired|Dual Ear
  • Wireless|Single Ear
  • Wireless|Dual Ear

Second Consideration:

  • Good:   Entry level pricing. Business quality audio, less range and talk-time with standard noise canceling microphone.
  • Better: Midrange pricing. Business quality audio and more advanced noise canceling microphones. Added comfort and more wireless frequency choices.
  • Best:    Premium pricing. Superior audio with the most advanced noise canceling for the microphone and ANC speakers. Extra comfort, padding and adjustments.

Third Consideration:

  • DECT Wireless Technology: Business standard for many years providing crystal clear audio with maximum range (200-500 ft)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology: Gaining in popularity as it allows more users in the same area without issues, with slightly less roaming range (33-150ft). Will also connect to Bluetooth cell phones and tablets directly for added connectivity.


Good Wireless|Dual Ear USB Headsets:

The above selection of USB headsets that are wireless for dual ear (stereo) use will give users needing a binaural USB headset many options to consider from the major business grade manufacturers. Most will offer leatherette cushions, headband padding and standard microphone noise canceling.

In this group will be products, like earbud and bone conducting/open ear headsets which provide users a different experience than traditional on ear and around ear stereo headsets.


Better Wireless|Dual Ear USB Headsets:

The above selection of USB cordless headsets covering both ears are typical business grade solutions that will sound great, are well padded for all-day wear and will last for years. Models will include USB-A or USB-C dongles to connect to you computer or IP phone via USB port.

Ear pieces will include speaker volume, mute and call control button for answering calls remotely when compatible with your connecting device. Also, when comparing models consider the size of the speaker/cushion. The larger the speaker, the better the sound will be for your audio and it will also create a better barrier to block out noise in your background. In contrast, a smaller speaker may be more desirable for those focused on a headset being as light-weight as possible when background noise is not an issue.


Best Wireless|Dual Ear USB Headsets:

The above selection of USB wireless stereo headsets not only offer great sound and durability, they will have significant upgrades in the technology built into the headset. Multiple microphones will greatly improve reducing background noise for you and your caller. Larger speakers that cover your ear or go around your ear will also help you in loud or distracting environments. When used for personal time, music or streaming movies will provide a theater like experience with wi-fi multi-channel audio.

Many models will also include a busy light to alert others when you’re on a call. This is very helpful to alert co-workers or family members when to not disturb you.


Dual Ear Wireless USB Headset in Busy OfficeUSB Wireless Double Ear Headset Facts:

  • Work well when you need to only focus on your caller and avoid any distractions around you
  • Are slightly heavier in weight than their matching single ear model
  • Adjustable headbands to customize your fit for all-day wear
  • Have firmware updates available from the major manufacturers as they are always being updated and improved
  • Easy to access buttons for speaker volume, mute and call control (for answering calls with compatible devices)
  • Many will have replacement ear cushions available when it’s time to refresh your headset
  • Options available for USB-A, USB-C, DECT and Bluetooth
  • Noise canceling microphones to reduce what your caller hears going on around you
  • A few will have Active Noise Canceling (ANC) in the speakers to help you hear better in loud environments

USB Wireless Dual Ear Headset