With numerous Video Conferencing to choose from we put together the following table to help prioritize the features you need.

Logitech C920e Business Webcam Poly P15 Video Sounds Bar Poly Studio R30 USB Video Bar Poly Studio USB Video Bar Poly X30 Studio Conferencing with tablet Poly Studio X50 Conferencing Equipment
Manufacturer Logitech Poly Poly Poly Jabra Poly Poly Poly
Model C920e P5 P15
Video Bar

Video Bar

Panacast Studio X30 w/TC8 X50 W/TC8
Best Use 1 user 1 user 1 user
1-6 user
8 users
(Huddle/Small Rooms)
6 users
(Huddle Room)
6 users
(Huddle/Small Rooms)
10 users
(Small-mid Rooms)
Resolution 1080p 1080p 4K 4K 4K 4K 4K 4K
Viewing Angle 78° 80° 90° 120° 180° 120° 120° 120°
Digital Zoom 1x 4x 4x 4x 5x 5x 5x
Auto Focus
Auto People Framing
Auto Speaker Tracking
Mic Pickup Range 3 feet 2-3 feet 2-3 feet 15 feet 12 feet 15 feet 25 feet
    Expansion Mics Optional Optional
Acoustic Fence
Speaker Mono Mono Stereo Mono Stereo
Touch Controller
Privacy Shutter Removable cap
Microsoft Teams Certified Certified Certified Certified Certified Certified
Zoom Certified Certified Certified Certified Certified
TAA Compliant
Connection USB-A USB-A USB-C (2) USB-A USB-A USB
Warranty 3-year 2-year 2-year 1-year 2-year 1-year 1-year 1-year
Product Ordering C920e P5 P15 R30 Panacast Studio X30 X50
Price $69.99 $119.88  $556.63 $711.85 $765.00  $859.44 $1899.12 $3181.38





What does it all mean?  

We have provided in simple terms what the acronyms mean and how they benefit you.

Active Noise Canceling (ANC): Technology that reverses surrounding sound waves to cancel low-frequency noise in order to isolate and minimize ambient noise the user can hear.

Acoustic Fence: Technology that uses a noise canceling microphone and an additional omni- directional microphone to block out background noise.

Close Conversation Limiting: Technology that optimizes your voice, while minimizing nearby background noise.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Mathematical manipulation of an information signal to actively reduce background noise for improved sound quality, including equalization, acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, and audio leveling.

Dynamic EQ: Optimizes voice quality on calls and automatically adjusts EQ settings when listening to music or for multimedia playback.

Hi-Fi Stereo: Full-range, dual-channel audio playback capable of frequencies from 20 to more than 20,000 Hz.

Advanced Hybrid Active Noise Canceling: With four microphones and three ANC settings provides greater background noise reduction compared to standard ANC.

Immersive Audio: Specially designed ear cushions and headband reduce background noise for increased clarity and comfort.

Microsoft Teams Certified: For devices to be certified, they need to meet Microsoft’s audio requirements to ensure users get the best audio experience, they also must include a dedicated Teams button to instantly bring to the foreground Microsoft Teams for streamlined communications.

SoundGuard: Acoustic limiting for protection against sounds exceeding 118 dBA per Telecom Industry Standards.

SoundGuard DIGITAL: All the benefits of SoundGuard plus anti-startle protection, which detects and eliminates sudden increases in sound, and time-weighted average (TWA) control, which prevents average daily sound exposure from exceeding 85 dBA.

Users/Room Size: Manufacturers will list how many participants a given device will support. May be listed in users or distance. Distance will be more accurate being conference tables come in many shapes and sizes which can skew how many users are within the microphones range.

Viewing Angle:

Wideband: Frequency range up to 6,800 Hz. Meets TIA-920 standard for genuine wideband response.