Need 100+ USB Headsets? Poly DA85 & HW520 Combo $69.94ea
(Regularly $153.21) Call for details!

Q: With all of the headset choices out there, which headsets are best for speech recognition software such as Dragon ?

A:  The Plantronics’ .Audio DSP400 and the .Audio 750DSP computer headsets are good choices. These headsets incorporate the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology which gives you better microphone quality than most other computer headsets on the market. These headsets also have a very reasonable price point. For the absolute best mic quality, you would want to use the commercial grade Plantronics DA60 (DSP) usb headset adapter with one of the H-series headsets such as the HW251. This is a great combination that has tested very high with the Dragon software and will give you fantastic sound quality. Remember when it comes to speach recognition, a little clarity can go a long way.  

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