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Latest update: May 8, 2024

Headsets Direct Self-Help Portal

How To Use Our Self-Help Portal?  Decide what you need from below:

  • Section 1: Corded headsets for multi-line phones
  • Section 2: Wireless headsets for multi-line phones
  • Section 3: USB headsets for computers, laptops, and VoIP/cloud based systems
  • Section 4: Headset compatibility guide links
  • Section 5: Other helpful headset links


Section 1: Corded Headsets for Multi-Line Phones:

For corded headset use on multi-line phones, you need two pieces of equipment. You need a Poly (formerly Plantronics) Quick Disconnect (QD) headset and either a Direct Connect Cable or amplifier, depending on your specific phone’s requirements. You should never try to guess which Direct Connect Cable your phone will require, as the odds of guessing the right cord are slim. To help, we have many phone-specific compatibility guides available in Section 4 and a link to the Plantronics all-encompassed compatibility guide.

Section 2: Wireless Headsets for Multi-Line Phones:

For wireless headsets, the headset you purchase will include everything you need for basic operation including headset, charging base, power cord, and telephone cord.  An optional lifter or EHS (Electronic Hook-Switch) cable adds ease of use and greater functionality to your wireless headset by allowing call alerts, answer/hang-up remotely, and one-button operation.  A busy light is also optional on most wireless headsets and improves inter-office communication by allowing co-workers to know when you are on a call and temporarily unavailable.

Section 3: USB Headsets for Computers & VoIP:

For USB headsets, you only need to decide if you want a corded or wireless solution.  If considering wireless, the ability to answer away from your computer (remote call control) will depend on your software.

Section 4: Headset Compatibility Guide Links:

To determine which Direct Connect Cable you need for corded headsets, or Handset Lifter/EHS cable you need for wireless headsets, click on the appropriate link below if your phone is listed.  If not, click on the Plantronics Compatibility Guide.

Section 5:  Other Helpful Headset Links:

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