Top Five Plantronics Headsets/Wireless Headsets – April 2012

1) CS540 – After just months on the market the new CS540 is quickly becoming the headset of choice for wireless communication among businesses both large and small.  With all the latest technology built into it, besides offering the lightest headset on the market, Plantronics has another hit with this wireless beauty.




2) CS50 – After all these years it’s still one of our most popular headsets.  With two different ways to wear the headset, 8 hours of talk time, ease of use, and 300 feet of roaming distance, it’s not hard to see why Plantronics resurrected this little workhorse, even if for a limited time.




3) CS70N– It weighs just 25 grams and offers a selection of different size ear buds.  The CS70N is still one of the most comfortable headsets to ever rest on your ear.  You have a discreet and effective way to stay connected around the office.




4) CS520 – Part of the new CS500 family of wireless headsets, the sleek new binaural headset incorporates the latest technology in wireless communication.  Covering both ears, you’ll hear your customer right the first time…all the time.




5) CS510 – The Van Gough version of the CS510, this monaural headset has all the same features as its two-ear cousin, but it allows you to have one ear free for communicating with your workmates.




If you’re deciding between models, it never hurts to see what the best 5 wireless headsets from Plantronics are, because chances are other customers have purchased headsets and found what they liked and continue to purchase them. With the models listed above, they’re all top of the line business grade/professional grade wireless headsets made by Plantronics that are durable, comfortable and built to last. Choosing any will increase your productivity by allowing you to roam your office while continuing to talk on the phone. Once you try a wireless headset, you will find it hard to be without.

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