Poly SHS1890-10 PTT Amplifier


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Poly SHS1890-10 PTT Wired Amplifier (Poly 60825-310 or HP 8K7T6AA#AC3)

  • 911 Emergency Console Amplifier
  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) Amplifier
  • 10 foot cord length
  • Quick Disconnect for H-Series Headsets
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  • Warranty 2-Years

911 Emergency Console PTT Amplifier – Poly 60825-310 or HP 8K7T6AA#AC3

Poly (formerly Plantronics) SHS1890-10 PTT amplifier part # Poly 60825-310 or HP 8K7T6AA#AC3 with carbon type microphone amplifier, PJ-7 connector, and selectable switch operation (momentary or locking modes).

Compatible with H-Series headsets.

Plantronics SHS1890-10 PTT Amplifier

The Poly SHS1890-10 is a 2-prong, 6-wire, pistol grip amp, with a 10 foot cord. Equipped with a push-to-talk button, it can be adjusted with a screwdriver to be either lockable or non-lockable. When the button is depressed or locked in the ON position, the microphone is turned on and will transmit your voice.


Poly SHS1890 Push-to-Talk PTT Pistol Grip

Simply plug into the appropriate jack in your station or jackset. The Poly SHS1890-10 PTT amplifier is universal and positioned so that either side is visible.

Lockable position: Note that the selector slot is aligned vertically. You can press the push-to-talk button momentarily or keep it locked in the ON position by first depressing then sliding the button until it locks.

Non-Lockable position: Turn the selector horizontally. When you wish to speak, you can depress the push- to-talk button momentarily.

SHS1890-10 PTT Features

  • 911 Emergency Console Amplifier
  • 6-wire Push-to-Talk
  • 10 foot cord length
  • 6-wire configuration
  • PJ7 Connector (2-prong)
  • Quick Disconnect for H-Series Headsets
  • 2-year warranty
  • Poly SKU: 60825-310
    • UPC: 0017229151697
  • HP SKU: 8K7T6AA#AC3
    • UPC: 197497782967


Additional information for the Poly SHS1890-10 PTT Amplifier


Poly, Plantronics




Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items


60825-310 (Poly), 8K7T6AA#AC3 (HP)


0017229151697 (Poly), 197497782967 (HP)


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