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Poly H81N-CD Corded Headset (Poly 40203-14 or HP 8K781AA#AC3)

  • Business grade headset weighing only 28 grams
  • Noise-canceling mic for average to loud environments
  • Specifically made for 911 dispatch centers
  • Multiple ear tips for over-the-ear/in-the-ear wearing style
  • Quick-Disconnect lets you unplug and walk away
  • Remember…an amplifier or direct connect cable is required
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  • Warranty 2-Years
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What to Consider

Poly (Formerly Plantronics) TriStar H81N-CD Headset – Poly 40203-14 or HP 8K781AA#AC3

Are you interested in the lightest, most stable, over-the-ear style corded headset on the market? For a customized fit and feather light comfort, it’s hard to beat the Poly TriStar H81N-CD headset part # Poly 40203-14 or HP 8K781AA#AC3

There are three points of contact with the H81N-CD: above the ear, behind the ear and just inside the ear, so your headset remains stable at all times. In addition, Poly offers a selection of four interchangeable ear buds, providing a customized fit for every individual.

The H81N-CD speaker is designed to rest gently against the inside of the ear, close to the eardrum, increasing your ability to hear and understand each and every word of the conversation.

Plantronics TriStar H81N-CD Headset

Weighing in at 28 grams, the Poly H81N-CD headset is so comfortable you can put it on and forget it! However, although it is lightweight the H81N-CD is built for commercial use and call centers, with durable junctions and rugged light weight cables.

It also supports the most advanced sound technology available today; SoundGuard Plus and Call Clarity.

  • 3-point design provides unsurpassed stability
  • Speaker extends and rotates to fit your ear perfectly
  • Choice of ear buds allows optimal fit for all-day comfort
  • Noise-canceling microphone for louder environments
  • Low profile design with nothing to mess your hair
  • Freeing your hands for typing and writing increases productivity

• FREE clothing clip included for better cord management
• FREE technical support with purchase

• Need help?  Call us and talk to a Real Person!

Poly Headset Benefits:

  • Poly compatibility. H81N-CD TriStar works with all Poly or Plantronics audio processors and USB-to-headset adapters.
  • Newer phones. Direct-connect solutions are also available for headset-ready phones and agent consoles.
  • The Poly H81N-CD is an exceptionally lightweight, over-the-ear style.
  • Three-point design provides unsurpassed stability and all-day comfort.
    (Stabilizer cushion sold separately)
  • Four user-selectable earbuds for a custom fit are included with the H81N-CD TriStar.
  • Supports Clearline™ audio technology. Ensures precise listening levels, sophisticated hearing protection, and superior audio performance when used with Plantronics audio processors.
  • Quick Disconnect™ lets you walk away from your phone while still wearing your H81N-CD headset.
  • 10-foot reach (when attached to amplifier or direct connect cable).
  • Adjustable clothing clip for freedom of movement.
  • Noise-canceling – The H81N-CD headset filters out background sounds for heightened speech clarity.
  • Warranty: 2-Years for Unsurpassed Durability
  • Operating Frequency: Standard Band
  • Headset Weight: 28 Grams
  • Compatibility: Poly Amplifier, Adapter Audio Processor or Direct Connect Cable
  • Wearing Style: Over/In-the-Ear
  • POLY
    • SKU: 40203-14
    • UPC: 017229155909
  • HP
    • SKU: 8K781AA#AC3
    • UPC: 197497780000
  • Formerly: Plantronics H81 & Plantronics H81N

Poly TriStar H81N-CD Headset Insider Info:

How To Install For The Best Fit:

Headset placement will be key to enjoying your headset. The H81N-CD is very lightweight and nicely balanced to fit around your ear comfortably. It comes with four eartips so you can find the perfect fit and once you have the bendable noise canceling microphone boom in place you won’t even remember that you’re wearing a headset. It will take you through your day beautifully.

Just a few things to make this comfortable headset even better: 

  • Once you’ve picked the eartip you want to use and inserted it into the ear tip holder, you can pivot that ear tip holder aside to slide the headset around your ear, then twist the earbud holder so the ear tip is fitting comfortably at the entrance of the ear canal. You have both vertical and horizontal flexibility when positioning the ear tip, giving users great flexibility.
  • The H81N-CD noise canceling microphone is flexible and easy to bend. You can reposition it until you get the placement you want. You’ll need the end of the boom to be one finger’s width away from the corner of your mouth. It will pick up your voice perfectly with that placement.
  • You’ll find the adjustable clothing clip that comes with this headset very useful. It helps to keep your headset stable and allows you to choose how taunt or relaxed you want your headset cable to be. Once you have it in place you’ll be able to turn your head in any direction and know that your headset will stay where you want it throughout your busy day.
  • The H81N-CD is part of a two-piece system so you will need to have the compatible bottom cable in order for your headset to work with your desk phone, PC, or 911 console. The headset has a Quick Disconnect connection that will snap together with one end of the compatible bottom cable. You can easily pull them apart when you need to leave your call, and snap them back together to get back on your call. If you aren’t sure which cable you’ll need, give us a call to help with that.  

How To Store:

If you are able to, placing a hanger over your desk area is the best way to keep your headset safe from falls and tangle free. 

You want to be sure the cable isn’t able to get caught in a drawer or the arm of your chair. Try to avoid any kinking or pulling on the cable as it can damage the wiring inside.  

How To Clean:

You may want to keep a clean microfiber cloth handy to wipe down your H81N-CD headset often; especially to remove any makeup buildup and dirt that could collect into the speaker area and microphone. 

Please don’t use any chemical sprays or cleaners as it can break down the cable and cause damage to the audio speaker and microphone.  

The Quick Disconnect connection should not be tampered with as the pins could be damaged.

Who Uses This Model:

The H81N-CD headset will appeal to business professionals as well as 911 dispatch and call centers. You’ll hear your callers clearly and the microphone will pick up your voice so you are heard the 1st time. You’ll like the performance, lightweight feel and low profile appearance of this headset. 

Additional information for the Poly TriStar H81N-CD Headset

Headset Weight

28 grams


Poly 40203-14, HP 8K781AA#AC3


Poly 017229155909, HP 197497780000


Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items



4 reviews for Poly TriStar H81N-CD Headset | Poly 40203-14 or HP 8K781AA#AC3

  1. Gary S (verified owner)

    I used this headset yeaes ago in 911 center and its great, I am glad you had it as it has been discontinued. The newer headsets with foam cushions are not good.

  2. Paula

    This headset is terrible! I should have known better and bought over ear with a headband. I bought because I thought this would be more comfortable and thought the headband would cause indentation in my hair. I have small ears and this is constantly falling out of my ear. I cannot use it without clipping it to my shirt as the weight of the cord constantly pulls it out of my ear. I am also female, so my long hair gets in the way of the cords and causes it to fall out too. I am going to purchase one that has headband with an over the ear. Oh well, so much for the $100 sunk cost.

  3. Kat

    Love this! It fits well in my ear, I hear well thru it and my neck doesn’t hurt anymore!!

  4. LA

    I find that I have to keep readjusting this headset – pushing the earbud back into me ear. In addition, after wearing the headset for over an hour, my ear canal starts to get sore from the configuration of this headset. That’s too bad because I can hear my callers / my callers can hear me very well. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find the headset that I owned around 10-15 years ago: it fit over the ear (like this set), but there was a hard, quarter-sized disc that folded into your ear. It was very comfortable; nothing had to be crammed into your ear canal.

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