Poly U10 Direct Cable for H-Series Headsets

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U10 Direct Cable for Poly Headsets (Poly 26716-01 or HP 85R38AA)

  • Commonly used with Cisco desk phones
  • Included with the Plantronics M10, M12, M22 amplifiers
  • Cord stretches to give approximately 10 feet of length
  • Quick Disconnect and RJ9 connections


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U10 Cable for Poly Headsets – Poly 26716-01 or HP 85R38AA

Poly (formerly Plantronics) U10 Direct Cable part # Poly 26716-01 or HP 85R38AA for H-Series Headsets is compatible with:

  • M10
  • MX10
  • M12
  • M22
  • Cisco IP Compatible Telephones
  • Panasonic Compatible Telephones

Plantronics / Poly quick-disconnect for Plantronics U10 Direct Cable - 26716-01           Plantronics / Poly Quick Disconnect

About Direct Connect QD Cables

Poly 26716-01 U10 Direct Cable for H-Series headsets enable you to connect your headset directly to your desk phone – no amplifier or audio processor required. In order to be able to use a direct connect cable, your phone must be headset ready.

TECH TIP: The plastic modular clip on the end of the cable is clear

TECH TIP: Cisco headset compatibility guide

Understanding Direct Connect Cables vs. Amplifiers:

When using any H-series headset, a Direct Connect Cable or amplifier is required to plug in between your headset and phone.  Using a Direct Connect Cable will save you money versus an amplifier, but an amplifier will provide optimum sound quality and volume controls.

Direct Connect Cable:

  • Less expensive
  • Easy to install into headset port
  • Takes up virtually no desk space
  • Limited to use with compatible phones only (Your future phone may not be compatible and require an amplifier)

Amplifier: (Poly M22)

  • Compatible with most phones
  • Battery or AC powered to provide optimal sound quality
  • Speaker volume adjustment
  • Microphone volume adjustment (Key point that Direct Connect Cable doesn’t have)
  • Lifting handset each call may be required depending on your phone

Poly M22 Vista Amplifier

Poly U10 Direct Connect Cable | 26716-01 Details

  • Poly SKU: 26716-01
  • HP SKU: 85R38AA
    • UPC: 197497573640
  • Quantity: 1 cable per package

Additional information for the Poly U10 Direct Cable for H-Series Headsets






Not Applicable To Accessories


Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items




26716-01 (Poly), 85R38AA (HP)


197497573640 (HP)

16 reviews for Poly U10 Direct Cable for H-Series Headsets | Poly 26716-01 or HP 85R38AA

  1. Paula B

    We have been using these cables for over 20 years and have absolutely no problems with them. They work great. We have 50+ phones that use them and very seldom do they go bad and need to be replaced. They are an essential part of our service to all of our members.

  2. johns s

    I’ve had this cord and a headset for years, and have never had any trouble. When two other people in my office wanted one, I recommended this. It is great to be able to wear the headset and disconnect it from the direct cable and be able to move around the office.

  3. Kaya H

    One point of connection became loose on one of our headsets and replacing this cord fixed the problem. This was an easy and affordable fix.

  4. Tail Activewear

    Great connection and no feedback or cracking in the line. Snaps in to headset with ease.

  5. SAndey

    After I received the correct one it works fine

  6. B

    Great connection and no feedback or cracking in the line. Snaps in to headset with ease.

  7. Frustrated

    Product worked well, once we got the correct cable.

  8. Major

    Staff quickly answered our questions and gave us the needed information to address our issue.

  9. Michele E

    Compatible with our phone system. No problems at all…will purchase again when needed.

  10. wallace water

    Awesome customer service to make sure it was compatible with our system!!

  11. Paul

    Everything came as ordered and in a timely manner.

  12. Paul

    Delivery was prompt and packaging was secure.

  13. Vijay

    Good product, works great so far

  14. Association

    Not many “forgot” they were plugged in but those that did nearly re-arranged their desktops.
    Cord has good strong connection which we hope will have longevity.

  15. helping hand

    does exactly what is needed for our personnel

  16. Raiders

    Great and fast delivery!

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