Computer Headsets

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If you're not familiar with VoIP, it's the most popular current application for computer headsets. With VoIP, your traditional desk phone is replaced with a program on your computer that looks and acts like a telephone. Put simply, you're able to use a USB headset and talk through your computer, saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month on long distance charges and hardware maintenance. As internet connections have become faster and more stable, companies have opted to forgo the traditional phone system, with physical hardware in a closet or computer room, and instead use software hosted on servers (putting them into the cloud) to act as the phone system.

Some computer headsets are corded for basic operations, giving the user the ability to be hands-free while writing or typing. With wireless models, you also gain the ability to roam freely while you talk, allowing you to accomplish much more while on calls. With most current applications, USB headsets are preferred for ease of installation, being plug-n-play and having the ability to download and update USB headset drivers as needed. Older dual 3.5mm headsets that plug into a computer's sound board are also available, but less popular because they lack the ability to be updated.