Poly Savi 7410 Office Wireless DECT Headset

(Desk Phone + PC + Mobile) & Teams Version


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Poly Savi 7410 Office Wireless DECT Monaural Headset

  • One headset for desk phone, PC and cell connectivity
  • 2x better density allows more units in one area
  • Color display for audio control settings
  • DECT™ Security Step C for the most secure calls
  • Acoustic fence technology for best mic noise canceling
  • Weighs 120 grams – 13 hours talk time
  • 590ft of range (line of sight) / 180ft typical office
  • TAA Version available. Call to order.
  • Support Sold Separately – See Below
  • Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items
  • Warranty 2-Years
  • Fresh Batteries
  • Latest Date Codes
  • Univeral Savi Base

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Poly Savi 7410 Office Is Built For The Modern Office

The Poly Savi 7410 Office wireless DECT headset is designed for the modern office with enhanced density performance, multi-device connectivity and advanced security features. You can deploy this headset across the company so everyone will benefit from increased productivity and wireless freedom.

Poly Savi 7410 Office Wireless Headset

Keep Conversations Private

Our conversations are private with DECT™ Security Step C, FIPS 140-2 military-grade features, and 256-bit AES encryption. You can be sure your conversations are clear thanks to a noise-canceling microphone boom with acoustic fence technology.

Poly Savi 7410 Office Headset - In Use

Enjoy Wireless Freedom

With 2x better density than other DECT™ headsets, more people in shared spaces benefit from wireless headsets with clear, interference-free audio. And with a roaming range of up to 590 ft/180 m1 everyone can benefit from increased productivity.

Poly Savi 7400 Wireless Headset

Poly Savi 7400 Office Series Headsets Help Increase Productivity

With 3-way connectivity, a universal base, and easy set-up and pairing, the Poly Savi 7410 office wireless DECT headset is the perfect solution for the modern office. You can even conference four headsets together with the base for increased productivity.

Poly Savi 7410/7420 Office Wireless DECT Headset Base

Poly Lens — Intelligent Insights, Scalable Management

Poly Lens software gives IT teams visibility and control over voice, video, and headset devices. Deploy, configure, update, and get valuable insights from one endpoint or thousands using one scalable platform. Poly Lens makes it simple: no heavy IT lifting required.

Poly Lens Cloud Management

Poly Lens App — Designed For You

Get the most out of your Poly devices. Use one convenient app to manage all your compatible devices. Keep software up to date, manage settings, and use the personal health and wellness reminders to keep you focused and energized all day long. With the Poly Lens App, you can customize your devices to work the way you do.

Poly Lens App

Built For Compatibility

All Poly USB headsets and personal speakerphones are compatible with the most popular voice platforms – we just work. Poly solutions provide excellent audio quality for both you and those on the other end of the call – no matter your platform of choice.

Poly Savi 8400 Series of Wireless Headsets - Softphone Compatibility

Poly is certified (when offered) with all major communication platforms.

Poly Savi 7410 Office Specifications

UC Version

  • HP
    • SKU: 8L7D5AA#ABA
    • UPC: 197497822373
    • TAA SKU: 8L7D6AA#ABA (Call to order)

MS Teams Version

  • HP
    • SKU: 8L7D7AA#ABA
    • UPC: 197497822403
    • TAA SKU: 8L7D8AA#ABA (Call to order)


  • Poly UC Version:
    • SKU: 2-221109-201
  • Poly Teams Version:
    • SKU: 2-221110-201

Connects To

  • Desk phone, PC, and mobile. (For PC only, see the Savi 7300 UC Series)

Office Base Compatibility

  • Works with Savi 8400, Savi 8200, Savi 7400, and Savi 7300 Series headset tops


  • Technology
    • DECT™ 6.0
  • Range
    • 590 ft of range (line of sight) / 180 ft typical office
  • Security
    • Designed to meet Security Step C – the highest level from the DECT™ Forum2
  • Encryption
    • Military level FIPS 140-2 listed 256-AES encryption
  • Authentication
    • 128-bit AES
  • Density
    • Up to 2x more density than other DECT™ headsets
  • Power
    • Adaptive power control to maximize user density


  • Capacity
    • 500mAH
  • Type
    • Technician replaceable lithium ion polymer (Li-ion)
  • Talk Time
    • Up to 13 hours
  • Charge Time
    • Two hours full charge
  • Standby Time
    • Up to 52 hours

Receive Frequency Response

  • Wideband
    • 100-6800 Hz
  • Multimedia
    • 20Hz – 20kHz

Hearing Protection

  • SoundGuard DIGITAL
    • SoundGuard DIGITAL3 protects against sound levels above 118dBA
    • G616 anti-startle (during calls) detects and eliminates any large sudden increase in signal level
    • Time-weighted average prevents average daily noise exposure from exceeding 85dBA3

Microphone and Technology

  • Noise canceling with Acoustic Fence Technology
  • Meets Microsoft Teams Open Office requirements

Headset Controls and Lights

  • UC Version
    • Call answer/end, mute volume +/-, power on/off
  • MS Teams Version
    • Combined call answer/end and Microsoft Teams button, mute volume +/-, power on/off
  • In call indicator
  • Multiple voice prompts – chosen language configurable via software

Headset Base

  • Works with Savi 8400/8200 and Savi 7400/7300 Series headset tops
  • PC/Desk phone/Bluetooth® selector buttons
  • Conference up to 4 headsets
  • Color display for audio control settings
  • Scroll wheel
  • Back button
  • Microsoft Teams Button (MS Teams version only)

Headset Weight

  • 120 g/4.23 oz


  • 2-year

Applications Supported

  • Poly Lens
  • Microsoft Teams Certified4

What Comes In The Savi 7410 Office Box

  • Savi 7410 wireless headset
  • USB-A cable
  • USB-C cable
  • Universal Office base
  • AC power adapter
  • Charging cradle
  • Telephone interface cable

1. Line of Sight
2. DECT security standards can be found on https://etsi.org/
3. Requires Poly Lens software to enable SoundGuard DIGITAL features
4. Microsoft Teams versions only

Poly Savi 7410 Office Wireless DECT Headset FAQ

What is the difference between the Savi 7400 Office and the Savi 7300 UC Series?

The Savi 7400 Office headset tops (7410, 7420) and the Savi 7300 UC headset tops (7310, 7320) are the same. The difference between the two DECT™ wireless headset systems is the base unit – how the headsets connect.
The “Office” base simultaneously connects to your PC, mobile, and desk phone. The “UC” base is a charging stand only and includes a D400 DECT™ wireless adapter for connection to PC only (or a desk phone USB port if it supports USB audio)

Will these new product introductions replace any existing models?

No. The Savi 7400 Office Series and Savi 7300 UC Series will be new additions to our Savi family and do not replace any existing models.

Why are we keeping the Savi 7300 Office Series?

The Savi 7300 Office Series offers a DECT™ wireless solution that connects to desk phone and PC only. It does not connect to Bluetooth ®. Some of our most security-conscious customers restrict the use of Bluetooth ® devices in their enterprise – making the Savi 7300 Office Series the ideal choice for a wireless solution.
The new Savi 7400 Office series and Savi 7300 UC Series deliver the same high-level security specs as its predecessor – they are designed to meet the highest level DECT™ Security Step C enhanced with military level FIPS 140-2 listed features, such as 256-bit AES encryption. Each customer will have unique requirements for connectivity. Here is a chart highlighting connectivity options:
Savi 7300 UC Series Savi 7300 Office Series Savi 7400 Office Series
Bluetooth X X
Desk Phone X

Besides Bluetooth, what is the difference between the existing 7300 Office Series and the new Savi 7400 Office Series?

The Savi 7400 Office Series and Savi 7300 Office Series use the same headset tops. What’s new is the office base the headsets connect to. The Savi 7400 Office Series uses our new Savi universal office base.

What innovations does the new Savi universal office base deliver?

The new Savi base adds a Bluetooth® connection and introduces a color display that delivers ultimate control over your headset. Interact with the display using a jog wheel and buttons on the base. Control features such as:
  • Easily manage existing and new devices (pc, mobile, desk phone) and set a default line
  • Quickly pair your headset — especially important in hot desking scenarios.
  • Control device settings such as sound protection, wideband vs narrowband audio, ringtones, and more.
  • Conference up to 4 headsets to a single office base or mix calls from 2 different lines (i.e., desk phone to softphone).
  • Interact with Microsoft Teams using a dedicated Teams button (Microsoft Teams versions only)

What makes the new Savi office base “universal”? What about the D400 DECT wireless adapter?

The new Savi universal office base is designed to work with our most popular Savi headsets. It works with Savi 7400/7300/8400/8200 headsets, including UC versions and headsets already being used by customers.
The D400 is also universal, meaning it works with the same 7400/7300/8400/8200 headsets.

How do the Savi 7400 Office/7300 UC models differ from the Savi 8400 Office/8200 UC models? Which one should I choose?

SAVI 7400/7300
For customers seeking an ultra-secure wireless DECT™ headset with premium security features and Acoustic Fence Technology to keep conversations private. Meets the Microsoft Open Office Standard. We also recommend the Savi 7400/7300 for customers concerned with wireless density in the office — these models offer 2x better density performance than other DECT™ headsets.
SAVI 8400/8200
For customers seeking a wireless DECT™ headset with active noise canceling for use in loud environments or who want the comfort/flexibility offered by the convertible wearing style.

How does the Savi 7400/7300 achieve up to 2x better density compared to other DECT products?

The Savi 7400/7300 makes more efficient use of the available spectrum by using the latest compression and modulation techniques as well as a new codec to provide up to 2x better density (compared to existing Poly and competitor devices) without impacting audio quality.
An important note: to achieve 2x better density all Savi 7400/7300 headsets must be used in the environment.

If I already have a Savi 7400/7300 headset, can I use it with both the D400 DECT USB and a Savi universal office base?

Yes. You can use a single Savi 7400/7300 headset with both an office base and a D400. For customers looking to deploy a DECT™ wireless solution in a hybrid setting, this would be our recommendation. Deploy universal office bases in the office and give your employees a D400 for home or remote work. Then take a single headset back and forth between locations.
Important: DECT™ wireless headsets are not meant for use outside of their intended region. A North America SKU should only be used in North America.
• Savi 7400 Office Series with a D400 spare
• Savi 7300 UC Series with a Savi Office Base spare
The universal office base, D400, and headset tops are all available individually as spares.

How does the Savi 7400 Office connect to a desk phone?

The Savi 7400 Office Series connects to desk phones in the same way the Savi 8200 Office and Savi 7300 Office Series do. It maintains broad compatibility with desk phones and all our existing EHS cable solutions.
The Savi 7400 Office Series includes a simple telephone interface cable. This enables the Savi base to connect in-line with the telephone handset as a basic connection if the desk phone does not include a dedicated headset port. To save having to manually lift the handset to answer a call the HL10 (Handset Lifter) is available as an accessory.
The intelligent solution for headset-compatible desk phones is to purchase an Electronic Hookswitch accessory cable (EHS) for the user’s specific model of desk phone. This provides an intelligent integration enabling the user to answer the desk phone from the Savi headset while away from the desk with just one button press

How does the Savi 7400 Office connect to a computer?

In the box, we include USB-A and USB-C cables to connect the Savi 7400 Office Series base to the computer. The universal Savi office base has a USB-C connector on the base.

How does the Savi 7400 Office connect to a mobile phone?

Bluetooth® devices will pair directly with the office base, not the headset. Use the color display and buttons on the base to pair new devices quickly and easily.

What does the Microsoft Teams button on the office base and headset do?

The Teams button when pressed brings the Microsoft Teams desktop client to the front of the screen. If there is a message waiting or other notification the application will open to that screen – for a seamless Microsoft Teams experience. Available on Microsoft Teams Versions only.

Do the 7400/7300 headsets have the Microsoft Teams Open Office Certification?

Yes! This certification gives our customers confidence that the headset microphone offers the best possible performance for use in noisy environments or open offices where nearby sounds or voices are present. This certification only applies to Microsoft Teams versions, but customers can expect the same great microphone performance on all models.

Can the Savi 7400 Office Series and 7300 UC Series be managed with Poly Lens?

Yes. Savi 7400/7300 can be remotely managed with Poly Lens for setting and firmware updates – making them ideal for use in enterprise environments.

How can the firmware of the Savi 7400 Office Series and 7300 UC Series be updated?

Savi 7400/7300 can be updated wirelessly using the Poly Lens desktop application.

Additional information for the Poly Savi 7410 Office Wireless DECT Headset


Same Day Shipping On In Stock Items




Deskphone/PC/Mobile, Microsoft Teams

Headset Wearing Style

Headband Single Ear

Headset Weight

120 grams

Launch Date

August 2023


NEW PRODUCT!, Fresh Batteries, Latest Date Codes, Univeral Savi Base

Roam Distance

180 feet (office Use) / 591 feet (line of sight)

Support Length

3 Year Plan

Talk Time

13 hours

USB Connection Type

Standard USB, Teams (Microsoft) USB


S7410, S7410-M, S7410 (TAA), S7410-M (TAA)


8L7D5AA#ABA (Office), 8L7D7AA#ABA (MS Teams)
8L7D6AA#ABA (TAA Office), 8L7D8AA#ABA (TAA Teams)


197497822373 (Office), 197497822403 (MS Teams)



Poly SKUs

Poly: 2-221109-201 (Office), 2-221110-201 (MS Teams)


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