How to “Reset” your Plantronics CS70/CS70N wireless headset.

Latest update: July 14, 2019

On rare occasion, you may experience static or crackling when using your CS70 or CS70N wireless headset.  Following the steps below will allow you to “reset” the CS70 or CS70N headset back to it’s original  working state.  This takes less than 30 seconds and is rarely required to be repeated in the future.  Think of this as the soft re-boot of your computer when it locks up (CTRL + ALT + DELETE)


Step 1:  Press the Talk Button and both Volume +/- Buttons in for 5 seconds until the Talk Indicator Light begins to flash green.  Release all three buttons.






Step 2:  Press the Talk Button again until the Indicator Light blinks briefly and release.  Your headset is now in normal operational mode.






Step 3:  The last step is to unplug the AC power adapter for 5 seconds, then reconnect.  You can do this by unplugging at the wall or the bottom of the CS70/CS70N base (as pictured).



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