Help in Finding that Perfect Wireless Headset

Headsets are such a personal item. Not only do you need to make sure they are functional with your communication needs; whether it be your desk phone, PC or mobile device, you also need to make sure they are so comfortable when you are wearing them that you don’t even notice you have them on. When you find that perfect combination of fit and function, it’s a wonderful thing!

However, Finding the perfect wireless headset for you is not always easy. There is such a variety of great headsets out there and a lot of questions to consider.  You may ask yourself “Which wearing style will be best suited for me? I really like the over the ear option but if my co-workers speak loudly will it cause me to miss what my caller is saying?” or “Will a larger earpad be a better fit for me and keep the  surrounding  sound at bay?”  Those would be great questions and wise to consider.

You may want to research the following when you are picking your perfect wireless headset to make sure you’re getting the best fit, sound, and function for your personal needs:

Dual Ear Headsets are really great for anyone that needs to be able to focus and give all their attention to their caller. Because the cushions are larger, they will cover more of your ear and really cut down on the surrounding noises.  They are perfect for medium to loud environments and will you will find you won’t have to strain to make out your callers’ words. They won’t need to repeat themselves with a Dual Ear Headset.  A Dual Ear headset will make working in noisy areas more pleasant and productive for you.



Single Ear headsets are good for medium to loud environments too, but they work nicely with workers that need to listen to a manager or co-workers as well.  The Savi 7210 Wireless System (for desk phones) would be a smart choice:

And the same with desk phone, PC and Mobile)


If you are in a pretty quiet to medium noise level location, then you may want a headset that fits over your ear/in your ear, like the Voyager 5200. It’s very comfortable and easy to put on and remove, as does the Voyager 5200 (for desk phone, PC, and mobile)


For the person who likes to change things up or is unsure of what style they want, these headsets will give you the variety you want to find your perfect fit!


Please give Headsets Direct a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect headset for your needs! Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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