Are you having issues with roaming range?

Are you finding that you are not able to roam the full 350 ft that you needed from your Plantronics wireless headset?  I’m hoping that the following information will help you to make a change to correct the problem or understand why you are experiencing a roaming range issue.

There could be a few reasons your roaming range has been shortened.  One reason could be the building you are in. Different building materials or thick walls can work as a barrier with your headset, cutting down on the roaming range.

It could also be that there is interference due to a lot of wireless headsets in the area, or cell phone activity.  That could also be causing some roaming range issues.

Plantronics cs545-XD roaming range issue

One of the possible fixes would be switching to the CS545-XD Wireless Headset System from your current headset.

The CS545-XD works off of a different frequency, 190 GHZ vs. the 900 GHZ on Plantronics standard wireless headsets. By using a headset with the 1.90 GHZ frequency, it should cut down on any other interference and allow you to fix your roaming range issue.

Also, the CS545-XD will give you another great feature. An extra battery and charging cable, so you have unlimited talk time!  You’d never have to worry about running out of talking time when you’re on that important call. It looks just like the CS540 headset, has the same convertible wearing style, same looking base, but it brings a lot more for your communication needs.

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