A Fond Farewell to the Industry Benchmark CS55 to CS540

Of course, we are talking about the ever popular Plantronics CS55 headset, the “gold standard” of wireless headsets.  As we all know, the Plantronics Plantronics CS55 headset was itself an upgrade from the original Plantronics CS50 which quickly gained in popularity from the day it burst on the telecommunication scene in 2004.  Just like cruise control revolutionized driving ease, the CS50 revolutionized hands-free communication, a truly wireless headset.  With cutting edge technology for its time and one of the best sounding headsets in the industry, the CS50 became the “gold standard” in wireless headsets.

Then, to meet the demand of advancing technology and remain the benchmark of wireless communication, in 2006 Plantronics released the CS55 headset.  What made the Plantronics CS55 headset so popular among business professionals, the home office entrepreneur, the busy medical office, or just about anyone who wanted wireless freedom?  In a word (okay, maybe more): flexibility, durability and performance.  Like its predecessor, the Plantronics CS55 headset also incorporated the latest technology into its versatile styling.  One of the first wireless headsets to incorporate Dect 6.0 technology for uninterrupted communication, the CS55 headset became the “gold standard” or benchmark others were measured to.  For the past five years the CS55 has been the most popular wireless headset Plantronics has ever made.

However, technology stands still for no man…or electronic device.  So, after five years of being at the top of the wireless market, it was time for the Plantronics CS55 headset to get a makeover.  This year, from the floor of the stock exchange, Plantronics announced a major makeover of its wireless line, including the CS55 headset.  The new CS540, with a distance of 350 feet and all the latest sound innovations, such as advanced wide-band audio using CAT-iq technology for high-definition voice quality, is sure to raise the bar yet again in wireless communication.

Plantronics CS540

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