The Evolution of an American Classic (headset category, not to be confused with the ’62 vette)

This isn’t to offend you other car buffs out there, for we know there are other classics like the ’48 Ford Roadster, ’65 Chevelle SS, ’67 Ford Shelby, ’69 Plymouth GTX and ’69 Pontiac GTO, to name a few, but like most of us who have our favorites, I’m kinda partial to Corvettes.  However our focus today is headsets.

With Plantronics celebrating their 50th anniversary, it only seems appropriate that we should take a look at one of the headsets that took them to the top of the hands-free communications industry, the HW261N Supra Plus Headset, an American Classic.  Actually its beginnings start some years before it was called the HW261N Supra Plus, so we’ll come back to this model in a minute.

First introduced in the 1980’s, the Supra H61N (the predecessor to the HW261N Headset) quickly gained in popularity and became the headset of choice among busy professionals, from small offices to large call centers.  The H61N became the “gold standard” in headsets due to its ergonomic styling, simplicity of use and rock solid durability (hundreds of thousands are still hard at work all over the world).  But after almost 30 years it was time to give the old workhorse a makeover and that’s how the H261N Supra Plus Headsetwas born.  Introduced in 2008, the fresh new styling and advanced technology made the H261N headset, like its predecessor, once again the “gold standard” in headsets.

As we all know, technology is one field that never stands still and in recent years it seems like it’s advancing at light speed.  Since the H261N Headset was introduced in 2008, a key advancement in telecommunications has been the wideband signal.  Conceived as a means of delivering a richer, full-bodied (kind of like coffee) sound, wideband technology took communication to a new level so Plantronics, in keeping with its leadership role in the telecommunications industry, morphed its H261N headset into the wideband compatible HW261N in 2010.  Once again the “gold standard” has been set for years to come.  Too bad you can’t take it cruisin’ in one of them other classics.

Check one out at or call them at 800-914-7996.  Their operators are ready to assist you with the HW261N or any of the latest models from Plantronics.

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