New to Plantronics and the Headset Industry

Being new to the headset industry here at Headsets Direct, I have the opportunity to try different types of headsets. What feels better, works better, and let’s face it looks better.  I have the privilege to see, try, and experiment with the different types of headsets offered from Plantronics.  Let’s face it, I love being mobile and able to walk away from my desk. I can receive faxes while talking on the phone and walk to the copy machine.  I can stand, stretch, & walk the room wearing a wireless headset.

When I came to work at HDI, my co-workers directed me to the compatibility guide on the Bluetooth headsets. Now I can actually drive and use both hands on the steering wheel like we should do, using a Bluetooth headset.  Yes I picked one for my cell phone!  I picked a simple Bluetooth for me, an Explorer 240.  It is inexpensive and easy to pair up with my LG cell.

When you need something you are unfamiliar with, I would recommend that you look at your options carefully, and then jump in with both feet.  I decided for the office, that I wanted something wireless with a noise cancelling microphone.  I chose the Plantronics Savi WO200. This will work with my computer and telephone here at work.  My co-workers helped make a believer out of me!  I am now ready to be the newbie on the block with my own headsets.

Welcome to the 21st century.  Rotary push button phones with a cord, what a tangled mess. NO MORE!  No more cradling the handset between your shoulder and ear.  No more neck aches. I can slip it on my head like a headband or, slip it over the ear.  Wireless telephone headsets wow!  How nice to be free!

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