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I’m looking for a good wireless Bluetooth headset that is really comfortable, what would you suggest?

Question: I’m looking for a good wireless Bluetooth headset that is really comfortable, what would you suggest?

Solution: Now-a-days, there are many states and municipalities with laws requiring drivers to wear headsets for their cell phones, so they can have both hands free to drive.  The majority of drivers prefer wearing the wireless Bluetooth headsets so they don’t have to deal with a cord hanging from their headset which could easily get caught on things.  Plantronics offers an excellent selection of high quality wireless Bluetooth headsets for you to choose from.

wireless-bluetooth-headsetsThe majority of wireless Bluetooth headsets come in one of two styles:  the first is worn in the ear, using only an ear bud placed inside the ear, and the second style is worn over the ear using an ear hook along with an ear bud resting inside the ear.  If you prefer a light weight, discreet, ear bud type of wireless Bluetooth headset, take a look at the New Plantronics Discovery 975.   This unit comes with its’ own sleek rechargeable case which not only displays battery levels and connection status, but it can triple your talk and standby time.  The Plantronics Discovery 975 has a classy, modern look, and only weighs 8 grams, but it offers a ton of high tech bells & whistles including:  WindSmart technology to block intrusive wind noise, Multipoint technology which allows you to pair one earpiece to two phones (like a Smartphone and a cellphone) and the innovative, dual-mic Audio IQ technology so your callers will hear only your clear natural sounding voice without invasive background noise.

Would you rather have the security of an ear hook over your ear, in addition to the ear bud inside your ear?  If that’s the case, then take a look at the Plantronics Voyager Pro because this headset is made of soft, flexible materials that conform to your ear, providing the secure, comfortable fit that you’re seeking.   However, comfort is not the only attribute of this little Bluetooth gem.   The Voyager Pro wireless Bluetooth headsetalso comes with a full range of technological advancements such as:  Dual-mic Audio Q2 noise cancelling, WindSmart technology to cancel out wind noise, Multipoint technology which allows two phones to be connected to one headset, and a full 6 hours of talk time so you can enjoy it all day long!

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