Telephone Plantronics Headset Better Explained.

We have customers inquire about telephone Plantronics equipment on occasion and what a customer is really searching for is a Plantronics telephone headset.  Plantronics has a few corded models of telephones which use a headset instead of a handset, for example the Plantronics T110 telephone headset. It’s a fully functioning telephone that rings, has redial, flash and a mute button, but no handset.  The headset replaces the handset for clear, comfortable, and hands free calls.  A wireless version would be the Plantronics CT14 telephone headset which provides caller ID, 300 foot range and 10 hours of talk time on one charge.  So hopefully this better explains how a telephone Plantronics is really a Plantronics telephone headset that has been enhanced with a headset for hands free communication.  And with a wireless model, you gain the freedom to roam your surroundings while you talk.  As always, if you have any questions regarding telephone headsets from Plantronics, please call, email or live chat with us!

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