Plantronics Calisto Pro Troubleshooting- Registering your handset with the charging base

Registering your Plantronics Calisto Pro handset with the charging base:Your handset comes pre-registered with the base. If the handset screen displays “Searching for base” even when the handset is on the base and the AC power adapter and phone cord are properly connected, follow these steps to re-register the handset with the base.

1. On the main screen, press MENU (left soft key).

2. Use the navigator to scroll down and highlight Initial Setup, and press Select (right soft key).

3. Highlight Headset/Base, and press Select (right soft key).

4. Highlight Register to Base, and press Select (right soft key).

5. While the handset is in registration mode, press the handset locator button on the charging base until the screen shows registration is successful.

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