A Brief Review of What AudioIQ is all About

First, we want to mention that there are two types of AudioIQ.  Standard AudioIQ helps make wireless communication effortless and pleasant, regardless of the environment.  For incoming calls, AudioIQ will automatically adapt to background noise levels and intelligently improve the receive quality, clarity, and volume level of the call.  For outgoing calls, AudioIQ can reduce background noise … Continued

Best Five Plantronics Headsets/Wireless Headsets – December 2012

  1) CS540 – This headset weighs only 21 grams and gives you up to 350 feet distance in range.  Plantronics offers you a choice of different wearing styles.  The headband and earloops ship with the product. 2) CS50 – This is Plantronics most reliable wireless headset on the market today.  With eight hours of talk … Continued

Plantronics Best Five Headsets/Wireless Headsets November 2012

1) CS540 – After being out for over a year now, the CS540 has become the headset of choice for wireless communication among businesses both large and small.  Incorporating all the latest technology, and offering the lightest headset on the market, Plantronics has another hit with their new wireless headset.     2) CS50 – After 10+ … Continued

Plantronics Top Five Computer Headsets of October 2012

1) Blackwire C320-M – The Blackwire C320-M Dual-Ear Headset is optimized for Microsoft, Lync 2010, and Microsoft OCS 2007.  It’s a great headset for any call center environment.  The unique Dynamic EQ feature optimizes sound quality and adjusts settings on the fly, creating outstanding sound for voice, music, and multimedia.   2) Blackwire C310-M – The Blackwire C310-M affordable headset … Continued

Plantronics Top Five Bluetooth Headsets of October 2012

1) Voyager Pro HD – The headset that recognizes when you place it on your ear and will answer your call automatically for you.  Voice alerts announces your talk time and much more.  You can even stream your music, podcasts, and GPS directions with the VoyagerPro HD Bluetooth headset.       2) Discovery 975 – The Discovery 975 … Continued

What Your Plantronics Wireless Headset Can and Can’t Do

If you are thinking about investing in a wireless headset, here are a few facts about what the headsets can do or cannot do: All of the newer Plantronics wireless telephone headsets offer up to 350 feet distance in range.  So in most cases a trip to the water cooler or fax machine is not … Continued

Voice Dialing with Plantronics Marque M155 Bluetooth Headset

Is is possible to voice dial with Plantronics Marque M155 Bluetooth headset? Yes, you can voice dial with the Marque M155 headset if you are using any of the newer iPhone’s that support Siri. Once the headset is paired to your phone, long press the call control button on your M155 and you will hear … Continued

Using a TR1 with CS500/W700 Series Wireless Headsets and a Cordless Phone

Plantronics TR1 (re-numbered TR-11) adapter is for use on a single line phone. For example: if you are using a cordless phone in your home/home office, the TR1 (TR-11)  will allow you to use any of Plantronics wireless telephone headsets like the new CS500 family which includes the CS540, CS510, CS520 & CS530. It will also … Continued

Best Five Plantronics Headsets/Bluetooth Headsets – September 2012

1) Voyager Pro HD – This Bluetooth Headset has it all!   You will experience technology at its greatest when you have this on.  It has Smart Sensor technology that knows when to send calls to your phone or headset.  It also streams music, podcasts, and gives you voice alerts so you know how much talk time you … Continued