Plantronics MDA100 QD Analog Switch for Your H-Series Corded Headset

This little device, called the MDA100 QD, is going to be a real solution solver for your company when you need your people to work with a desk phone and their computer, and you want to use a corded option!

It’s an economical option to be able to flow effortlessly from one technology into the next. It’s all done with the toggle switch on the top of the unit.

All you need is an H-Series Plantronics headset, like the HW710, and this MDA100 QD switch. All the cables you need come with the unit.  You’ll have your USB cable, RJ9 phone cable and Direct Connect cable that mates with the quick disconnect on the headset cable.

You’ll just need to match up your phones compatibility with the following chart, and you’re good to go!

Compatibility Slide Switch: The bottom of the MDA100 QD has a slide switch with letters A-F.   Research your phone’s natural Direct Connect Cable for correct compatibility setting.

A = U10
B = A-10
C = U10P
E = U10P-S


Please give us a call and we can match up the correct setting for you. You’ll want to make sure your phone will be compatible before you purchase the MDA100 QD.

We know you will enjoy the freedom of moving from a call on your desk phone and with the switch of the toggle, be able to join in on a video conference call or use your PC’s Softphone. Having this MDA100 will sure beat the hassle of having to use two separate cables that you have to unplug and re-plug your headset into, or having to remove your phone headset completely and switch to a USB headset.  Using this will truly make your work life a lot more productive and easier.

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  1. Transition seamlessly to softphones using a single Plantronics QD headset. The MDA100 QD is a simple, intuitive switch that helps customer service representatives manage audio from both desk phones and softphones.

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