Plantronics SoundGuard Technology

Hearing is such an important part of our lives, enriching our interactions with family, our community and the workforce we are a part of.  It’s something we need to protect and never take for granted.

Plantronics wants to make sure that the products they bring to you will not only help you with relief from strain to your neck or shoulders, by offering you hands free communications, but to help you in your quest to keep your hearing safe and protected when you are using their headsets.

That’s why they offer SoundGuard Technology with their headsets.   You can be sure that when you are wearing a Plantronics headset it will protect you from sudden loud sounds that can startle you or cause you audio discomfort.

All of our headsets have acoustic limiting technology built into them so you can feel secure knowing Plantronics research and development teams are making sure your hearing comfort is top priority for them.

If you are using our Corded EncorePro Headsets – such as the HW710 or HW540 corded headsets, we’ve got you covered with SoundGuard Tech.

And the same goes for wireless options too – such as the W8220 or CS530 Wireless Headsets

If you’d like to read up more about Plantronics SoundGuard Acoustic Safety Technology, please check out the link below. It will give you details on Soundguard as well as SoundGuard Digital – which is offered with many, but not all of Plantronics Headsets.​

If you have any questions and would like to talk to someone about what you are looking for in a headset please give us a call. At Headsets Direct we pride ourselves on truly listening to your input and together, finding the headset with the features that match your needs perfectly.

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