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Best Five Plantronics Headsets/Wireless Headsets – December 2012


Plantronics wireless headset 1) CS540  This headset weighs only 21 grams and gives you up to 350 feet distance in range.  Plantronics offers you a choice of different wearing styles.  The headband and earloops ship with the product.
Plantronics CS50 Wireless Headset 2) CS50 – This is Plantronics most reliable wireless headset on the market today.  With eight hours of talk time, it will get you through your busiest day.  Two wearing styles ship with this unit (headband and earloops).
Plantronics CS530 Wireless Headset 3) CS530 – The adaptive power system on the CS530 Wireless Headset saves your battery life by powering down when you are closer to the base; this saves your battery life.  The further away you are for longer periods of time will deplete the battery life faster.
Plantronics CS540/HL10 Wireless Headset Combo 4) CS540/HL10 – The lightest wireless headset on the market today, the CS540/HL10 ships with the HL10 handset lifter; this will allow you to answer the phone when you are away from your desk, so you will never miss a call again.
 Plantronics W740 Wireless Headset (Phone + PC + Mobile) 5) W740 – Need a wireless headset for your PC, mobile phone and land line?  If the answer is yes, then the W740 is the headset for you.  Offers up to 350 feet in range and seven hours of talk time, and the battery can be swapped out with a fresh battery right in the middle of the conversation.


If you’re deciding between models, it never hurts to see what the top five wireless headsets from Plantronics are, because chances are other customers have purchased headsets and found what they liked and continue to purchase them. With the models listed above, they’re all top of the line business grade/professional grade wireless headsets made by Plantronics that are durable, comfortable and built to last. Choosing any will increase your productivity by allowing you to roam your office while continuing to talk on the phone. Once you try a wireless headset, you will find it hard to be without.

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