What Your Plantronics Wireless Headset Can and Can’t Do

If you are thinking about investing in a wireless headset, here are a few facts about what the headsets can do or cannot do:

All of the newer Plantronics wireless telephone headsets offer up to 350 feet distance in range.  So in most cases a trip to the water cooler or fax machine is not going to be a problem. With the correct equipment, you will be able to answer the phone while away from your desk by pressing the call control button on the headset.

The wireless headset works just like your handset receiver does on your phone.  When using your handset receiver, you must always use the key pad to make out-bound calls. The same thing goes for transferring calls and placing calls on hold.  So with that being said, it is the same way on the wireless headsets.  There is no transfer button, key pad, or hold button on the headset, so therefore you must go back to the phone to perform any of these functions.  (The headsets do have volume control buttons for what you hear and a mute button for when you need a moment without your customer hearing.)

The next thing to keep in mind is that Plantronics wireless headsets will not give you a dial tone by itself.  You will need to pick up the handset receiver and set it to the side of your phone, then push the call control button on your headset. This will transfer the dial tone to the headset.  So as you can see you must be at your desk to answer the incoming call or when making an outbound call.  Once the dial tone or call is in the headset, you can now walk away if needed. You must come back to the phone at the end of the call and place the handset receiver back in the cradle and turn off the headset. Now you are ready for the next call.

If you would like to be able to answer your call while away from your desk, you would need either an HL10 handset lifter or an EHS (electronic hook switch) cable.  The HL10 handset lifter sits on your phone under the handset and has a motorized arm that will lift up the top end of your handset.  It will lift up the handset just high enough so that the switch hook under the handset can pop up and open the line for you.  When you are finished with your call, just push the call control button on your headset and the motorized arm lowers the handset back into the phone. The EHS cables goes in between your phone and your wireless base and sends an electronic signal between the two to open and close the line.  To view a short video on how the HL10 handset lifter works, click on this link — HL10 Handset Lifter Video

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