How Do I Determine Which Plantronics Headsets Will Work on My Phone?

We receive a lot of calls from customers with questions about which headset to purchase for their office phone, and they are often not sure what equipment they can use.  Two vital things that you need to know when choosing your headset and accessories are the phone’s manufacturer and model number.  Equipment will vary from phone model to phone model.  Once the model is determined you will have the option of choosing between corded or wireless headsets for most phones.  We have included instructional videos on our website for your convenience.  You may also check the Compatibility Guide on our website, or give us a call here at Headsets Direct (800-914-7996) if you have any questions.

Some phones have a dedicated HEADSET jack for corded headsets.  This jack may be round (2.5mm) or square (same size as your handset jack).  With just a push of a button on your phone you can take your call.  When using Plantronics corded headsets for a square (RJ9) headset jack you will need to purchase two pieces of equipment; a cord and an H-Series headset.  The type of cord you will need depends on the model of your phone.  We also offer inexpensive Plantronics headsets for the round headset jack for under $60. Just click on the word Corded toward the top of our web site and then select Mobile & Cellular Headsets; anything listed here will fit the round 2.5mm jack.

On some models of phones you can also plug your wireless headset into the HEADSET jack and bypass the need for an HL10 Handset Lifter.  Just remember if you plug your wireless headset into the HEADSET jack you will need to push the headset button on your phone and then the call/control button on your wireless headset to take or place a call, then you will be able to move away from your desk with your wireless headset while continuing your conversation.

If you have an office phone that does not have a HEADSET jack you can still use a headset by plugging it into the phone’s HANDSET jack.  For a corded headset you will need a Plantronics amplifier, like the Vista M22, and an H-Series headset.  The M22 plugs into the HANDSET jack on your phone and the handset’s curled cord plugs into the back of the M22. You must pick up the handset and sit it to the side of the phone to get a dial tone.  When you are finished with the call the handset must be placed back into the cradle to close the connection.  You can leave the headset button engaged on the amplifier in between calls.

A wireless headset plugs in the same way as the M22 does. Again when making a call you must pick up the handset and set it to the side and hang the handset back up when you are finished to close the connection.  But unlike the M22, Plantronics does offer a solution to get around all the picking up and putting back of the handset into the phone cradle. You can purchase an HL10 handset lifter. The lifter sets under the telephone’s handset and raises the handset up with a motorized arm. The lifter is plugged into the wireless headset base and with just a push of a button on your wireless headset the lifter activates and you have your call. There are also Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) adapters for some phones. You can use an EHS adapter instead of the HL10 handset lifter, but you must check for compatibility to see if one is available for your phone.  EHS adapters are specific to each phone model and are not interchangeable.

As you can see it is very important to know which phone you are using. Selecting the right equipment will make all the difference in whether your headset will work or not.

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  1. I currently have a Plantronics cs530 wireless headset I am using at work with my desk phone which is a cisco phone what I would like to find out is what headset I could purchase that I would be able to know I have a call without sitting at my desk.

    • Your headset has the ability but you need one more piece of equipment. EHS cables and lifters provide remote call alerts so you don’t miss calls to voicemail. Which device, depends on your phone. Look at the below Cisco guide and find the model of your phone. To the right of the chart will list if an EHS cable is compatible. If nothing is listed, then look at the lifter column. If you have options in both columns, the EHS is always the preferred option.

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