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5 Reasons to go Wireless

1. Health Benefits:
No shoulder and neck pain from scrunching them together to keep the phone in the right spot, while you are trying to type. Do you remember how bad that hurts at the end of the day? Try that without a headset; now multiply that at fifty two weeks, times forty plus hours a week. DECT is a microwave technology similar to cell phones, baby monitors, Wi-Fi and other cordless technologies. My concern is not that bothersome, after all I still use the microwave. I am no more productive than that struggling tree outside my window. I am NOT a happy camper.
2. Convenience and Freedom:
So I bought the wireless headset. ALL MINE, not sharing. Since my office is at home there are several things I do while the wireless headset is nestled on my head. I am watering the tree; people think they hear a water fountain. The ability to walk without a phone cord chaining me to the desk is amazing. The stretch of muscles long used to sitting for 8 hours every day. I am stretched and relaxed every day. Now I have the convenience and the freedom to walk to the file cabinet, pull the papers I need while talking to my client. Walking and talking, I believe I am toning my muscles.
3. Security and Dect:
This is like having a Lassie and Cujo dog working for me. Imagine something changing so fast, the encryption is a layer of security that standard headsets don’t offer. DECT operates in the 1880-1900 MHz band and defines 10 channels. Each base station frame provides 12 duplex speech channels, with each time slot occupying any channel. DECT 6.0 will not interrupt the use of wireless internet service. Now that I know that all interference has been removed I believe that I feel better, and my tree is starting to green up a bit.
4. Distance and Sound:
With most headsets you are limited with the distance by which type of headset you are wearing or what it is being used on. With my headset I have about 350 feet before I start fading or losing connection. Think about it, I have walked to the fence line, watered my tree, and did dishes in the kitchen. I don’t find much interference through the walls, but in some places it may be different. The sound is crisp, and clear. When this has the DSP (Digital Sound Processing) the quality of sound that results is of such a high standard that the ear strain that occurs in some headsets is minimal. You can enjoy the sound coming through even while on hold.
5. Wearing styles:
If I have hair that is styled in a buzz cut or an elegant chignon I can wear just an over the ear style. There are different headset styles that are offered. For over the ear some of them set a little bit in the ear canal, others right in front. Looks kind of like a Bluetooth. There are over the head style headsets, these are similar to headbands, and in fact they are called that. Some with one ear covered (monaural), and both ears (binaural). Some have what is called a neck band, this is behind the neck, and the pieces come up over the top of the ear. I like using the over the ear, I feel that it looks more professional. Even though I work out of my home, I still get dressed as though for work, ok I still wear my slippers around the house though. No sense in killing my arches. When you purchase something like this please try the style on, like you would a shoe. The flexibility that I needed was what sold me

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