Plantronics CS (540) Family History

So looking at the change of time, things only have gotten better. When Plantronics introduced the CS50 in 2004, it looked and felt sleek. It was the ultimate in mobility and sound quality, a hands free headset for the office. They offered up two different styles of wearing, unheard of for the masses of office workers who wore them faithfully.  Simply put your workday was a function of ease with more productivity.

Who would have thought a CS55 would be born? Digitally enhanced audio, 1.9GHz voice dedicated wireless technology.  Minimal interference, an extended boom and noise cancelling microphone, crystal voice delivery in loud environments.

I simply can’t believe that a product can be improved upon, why fix it if it isn’t broken?  OK, no it wasn’t and yes it is improved. WOW! The CS540 still carries the same simple features that made it big, two styles of wearing, over the head or over the ear. One of the lightest wearing headsets out there, you can wear this and forget that it is there. DECT technology eliminates WI-FI interference. Advanced wideband audio using CAT-iq which simply means Cordless Advancement Technology.  This technology is the next generation and is based on the regulatory framework of the DECT technology, being performed today. So let us have the newest and brightest star, use it wisely, conveniently, smartly, and feeling so good while wearing it.

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  1. I totally agree, that this headset is improved again by plantronics. It is even better, than the CS55 – What i like most is, that it is so light. And if you wear it over the ear you nearly – as you said – forget about it! Wonderful help for me.

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