How to mute the headset microphone on the Plantronics WO100 Savi.

To mute the headset microphone on the Plantronics WO100 Savi, you need to push the “-” button that controls your speaker volume forward ( push forward towards the end of the microphone ) for at least 1.5 seconds until the talk button indicator light becomes solid red.  Your will also hear an audible notification through the headset speaker.  By pressing the button forward a second time you will turn off the mute feature allowing your caller to hear you again.

You can also mute the headset microphone within the PerSono Suite software that’s included with the Savi.  In the past the included software was only helpful with drivers and digital user manuals.  This software package is very different and installing will provide many great benefits when using the Savi headset.  Once installed you will have the PerSono Suite icon in the lower right toolbar.  With a click of the icon, you will visually see a triangle showing your headset, computer and telephone.  At any time you can simply click on your headset at the top of the triangle to mute the microphone.  When muted, the headset will change from green to red.  Click on the headset icon a second time to turn the mute off and resume your conversation.

As you can see, Plantronics has made it easy to mute the headset microphone on the headset or using the PerSono Suite software.  If you have questions on muting the headset  microphone or anything else please visit our product page for the Plantronics WO100 Savi.

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