Converting the Plantronics CS55H into a CS55 wireless headset system.

Problem: I bought a CS55H wireless headset system for my cordless phone at home. I love this unit and I don’t want to give it up but I’m switching over to a multiple line corded phone. I can’t afford to buy a new wireless system, so I was wondering if this unit would work on my new phone and if not, is there anything that will convert it over to work on my new phone?

Solution: Yes, you can use this unit on your new phone. If you are using a single line phone you will use the CS55H wireless headset system the same way you are on your cordless phone. If you are using a multiple line phone then you would need to do this step: First you will take off the modular adapter that came with the CS55H; this is called a TR1 (Renamed TR-11) and is plugged into your phone jack in the wall. You will use the same cord that is plugged into the TR1, to plug into your handset jack on your phone. This cord is coming from the base of the CS55H and is plugged into the jack with a picture of a phone above it. If you look at the TR1, you will see that one end has two cords coming out of it, one cord is hardwired into the modular (it cannot be removed) and the other one can be removed. Take the cord that you can remove out of the TR1 and place it into the handset jack on your phone. Plug your handset cord into the base of the CS55H.

Now you can use your original CS55H wireless headset system on your new phone. If you are using a multiple line phone and want to be hands free, you will need to purchase a handset lifter (sells for $68.00). With the lifter you will be able to answer your phone with just a push of a button on your headset. If not, all you will need to do is pick up the handset and move it to the side of your phone every time you want to take or make a call. When you are done with the call place the handset back in the cradle and turn off your headset. So now you are back in business without spending a lot of money, if any.

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