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Plantronics Wireless Headset

Using a Plantronics Wireless Headsets in Tech Support Center.


I have been tasked to obtain Plantronics wireless headsets to test in our network tech support center. This is what I need the wireless headsets to accomplish:

  1. Noise cancelling microphones
  2. Great sound quality on both sides
  3. Good battery life (at least ten hours)
  4. Changeable batteries (after life of battery has died)
  5. Remote answer and hang up from the headset

Solution: Headsets Direct carries three Plantronics wireless systems that will meet your requirements: all three will give you up to 10 hours of talk time. They all have noise cancelling microphones. The wireless systems provide you with multiple volume adjustments on the charging base and on the headset for great sound quality on both sides. The batteries can be replaced for $39.95 (there are instructions on our webpage to help you change out the batteries if needed).

The CS55 (our most popular Plantronics wireless headset) price starts at $225. This unit comes with a headband and different size ear loops, so you have two different wearing styles to choose from. The CS351N is a true headband model, one ear is covered and the headband cannot be changed out. It is a heaver headband than the CS55’s. The ear cushion is a little larger than the CS55’s to block out more noise. This unit starts at $240. The CS361N is a dual ear headset; both ears are covered for that noisy environment you may be in. This unit starts at $254. All three of these systems come with a one year warranty.

For remote answering and hanging up from the Plantronics wireless headset you will need an HL10 handset lifter which sells for $68. This device will work on most office phones.

2 responses to “Plantronics Wireless Headset”

  1. Good Afternoon,

    I have been tasked to find a wireless headset that would be able to switch between a digital — Nortel 3904 — phone, a VoIP — Nortel i2004 — phone and a radio system — Maestro Console — to provide our dispatchers with hands-free ability when answering multiple phone/radio calls in our Fire/Rescue dispatch centre.

    I have found very little information on this subject and would appreciate any and all help.


    Robert Taylor

    • Robert,

      Thanks for your inquiry with us, however we do not have anything that will split between the radio and telephone. The Savi Office systems will connect to a “regular” corded phone and a computer, via USB. Typically in a dispatch application, it is the dispatch console that is integrated between the radio and telephone. So it is the 6 wire dispatch console itself that has the special circuitry which allows you to use a a product such as the Plantronics CA12CD cordless dispatch amplifier to toggle back and forth between the radio and the telephone. Also you may want to consult your console installer, because some consoles have the ability to switch from a regular 4 wire to a 6 wire configuration. Thank you very much, have a nice day.


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